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Lieutenant Valkris Edwardson

Name Valkris tSepeS Edwardson

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon/Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 173 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Valkris lithe and muscular form is usually hidden underneath her traditional Imperial Klingon uniform. She is often seen wearing a simple warriors tunic of her Klingon heritage when off duty but wears a standard SF duty uniform when on duty and adorned with a baldric sash, displaying her numerous badges.


Spouse Engaged- Mek'tor SutaI Ro'Vaas
Children none
Father Maal tSepeS
Mother Janice Edwardson (Prof. Interstellar Relations/ Conflict Resolution SFA)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Kali tSepeS- Half Sister
Other Family Arizhel tSepeS- Stepmother Morganne Dufour- cousin K'nera K'peL- Line sister Kora Reshtarc- Line sister K'noggra K'pel-Ro'Vaas- Line sister

Personality & Traits

General Overview Because of her dual heritage, Valkris is used to being an outsider. Many would assume that her temper and eagerness for a fight comes from her Klingon Father and not her Human mother. The part of her personality that makes her think before she acts and to analyze a situation makes her appear cautious and calculating, traits she inherited from her father. Valkris sense of duty, determination and sense of humor she inherited from her mother. Those under her command found her hard and unforgiving but also very inspirational and insightful
Strengths & Weaknesses Valkris's ability to take on multiple duties and acquire skills across a broad spectrum of disciplines is probably her greatest strength. She has a strong bond with her family and friends but the bond between she and her half sister Kali, is even greater. Valkris being Human/Klingon is very sensitive to other's attempts to discriminate against her because she identifies more closely with her Klingon heritage. She often in the past has gone to great lengths to avenge her "honor" at the most miniscule of slights she perceives. This has sometimes proven to be a distraction in her duties and a mark in her permanent record*
Ambitions Honor, Sacrifice, and Duty are three values that all that are raised in the Klingon culture live their lives by. To not only live an Honorable life in service and sacrificing one's own personal ambitions, is the duty of all Klingons.
Valkris has served as an Operations Officer, Marine CO in the Klingon Defense Forces, and now back serving Star Fleet as Chief Tactical/ Security Officer and Second Officer. She like her sister seek glory through service to the Empire, even though her path has taken her back to Star Fleet. She wants to be the first female Klingon Star Fleet Captain
Hobbies & Interests Valkris Keeps in constant contact with her Human side of her family on Mars and Terra and her fiancée Lieutenant Commander. Mek'tor Ro'Vaas, who's serving as Executive Officer on board the USS Paladin. She Studies Military tactics and doctrine and trains in the Klingon Internal Martial arts to help control her temper.
She is interested in being a vital member of the crew and earning the trust and respect of her superiors.
Languages thlingon, Terran, Romulan, Orion, Ferengi and Cardassian

Personal History The Personal history of Valkris is intertwined with that of her fraternal sister Kali, they are nicknamed......
The Terrible tSepeS sisters:

Born in 2351 to Janice Edwardson, a visiting Star Fleet Academy instructor and Maal tSepeS, a Klingon cultural atache' assigned to liaison with educators from both Star Fleet Academy and the Vulcan Science Academy. Janice and Maal met, fell in love and from this, Janice became pregnant with her first child. things would have been ideal had Maal not already had a mate who was also pregnant. Janice returned to where she gave birth to Valkris T. Edwardson. Maal on the other hand was busy with his wife Arizhel who gave birth to a girl named Kali, after his father's sister.
After a number of years, Maal's wife learned of the affair and sought out Janice at first to kill her and her "bastard" child. Janice and Arizhel eventually overcame their differences with each other and became friends, Arizhel invited Janice to raise Valkris on Qo'nos with her half sister Kali.

Once the two girls reached the age of ascension (14) they both entered the Imperial Academy where they graduated four years later and began their advanced training studies. Janice was able to pull some strings and have the girls now 18 admitted to Star Fleet's junior cadet Officer's training school as exchange students.

[Personal evaluation/History- KDC]

These two tSepeS sister's are almost more trouble than they're worth. going from relatively unremarkable cadets to what they've become in just a few short years. Drinking like veteran warriors, hurling insults at one another and crew members alike. They are always ready, willing and able to fight for the honor of the Empire, their Captain and each other. They are also willing to fight their Captain, their crew mates and each other for their honor.

Both served in the Klingon/Federation officer Exchange program. Valkris as a Macco officer and Tactical Officer/ Specialist. Kali as Pilot, and Chief Helmsman.

It is rumored that these two Hell raising sisters, have some very influential benefactors in both the High Council and the Military leadership. These rumors have been denied by them of course and any attempts to discover what if any, that link may be has led to some very interesting and unfortunate set of circumstances for those inquisitive minds.

Valkris resigned her commission as Marine XO on the IKS Sword of Valor a few months after the Capellan Star incident* She decided to try her hand at life aboard a Federation Warship for a time and try life away from her sister for once. This decision has left her feeling alone and bitter at times but in the end she knows that it's what's best for the both of them if they are to grow a warriors. The two of them have a bet to see which one of them can gain command the fastest. The loser...has to get married. When word reached her that her old ship the IKS Sword of Valor was destroyed in battle, she took a brief leave of absence from Starfleet, fearing that the two loves of her life had been lost. The end result was her becoming engaged to Mek'tor and soon after she was due to return to Starfleet where she was originally to begin as XO of the USS Hera but instead was transferred to the USS Marconi< as it's Chief of Strategic Operations.


Kali and Valkris are both capable, highly skilled warriors of the Empire. They both contradict and compliment one another and the bond between them is strong. Valkris being half Human has since undergone further cosmetic procedures to enhance certain aspects of her appearance and to make her ridges look more like her sister.

Valkris is both feared and respected by those who have served underneath her. She is very protective of their friends Lt. K'Noggra and Lt. Kora, both who, along with her sister Kali, served together on the same ship in the officer exchange program, and where the four of them became close friends. After many years serving the IKF, Valkris resigns her commission to try her hand at Star Fleet. Her uncle on her mother's side being a Starfleet Captain himself, sent a letter of recommendation to Starfleet and her service in the OEP in the past helped fast track her to serving on board another vessel
Service Record 2365- Entered Imperial Academy
2369- Graduated from Imperial Academy Promoted to Sub Lieutenant entered Star Fleet Officer Exchange Program Sent to Star Fleet Advanced Officer's Training School on Earth.
2371- Assigned to the USS Toshiro as Security officer/ Tactical specialist.
2372- Transferred back to KDF Promoted to Lieutenant, Assigned to Imperial Marines 1st Company
2372- Promoted to Captain, assigned as part of a contingent to enter the Officer's exchange Program with the Federation. Due to Klingon-Federation War, was put on reserve status and sent bak to Q'onoS
2373- Returned to active duty at the start of the Dominion war Assigned as Marine XO on board the IKS Blood Hawk.
3475- Took part in the assault of Cardassia Prime
2377- Returns to Imperial Academy for Advanced Training, Strategic Operations and Ship Operations
2378- Assigned to Task Force ram wamwI on patrol near Terrak Nor.
2380- Returns to Q'onoS for extended leave of Absence
2381- Returns to active duty, sent to 9th Military District Imperial Star Fortress MataI, Promoted to Major
2382- Assigned as temporary Marine Commander of IKS Stone Fist
2383- Assigned as Marine XO on board the IKS Sword of Valor

2384- Resigns commission as Marine CO and re-enlists in Star Fleet.
2384 - Assigned to USS Kearsarge Task Force 93 as Chief of Operations. Given the rank of Lieutenant
Reassigned to USS Hera as Chief of Security/ Tactical. Given a conditional field promotion of Lt. Commander and promoted to XO Returns to Qo'NoS for LOA, reassigned to USS Marconi.
2385-2386 - Transfers to USS Iapetus as Chief of Strategic Operations
2386- present- transfers to SB 900 as a SFA Graduate student/ reassigned to Intelligence Department.