The Sim

Welcome to the Iapetus.

The Iapetus began in September 2007, as Horizon Fleet's Ambassador-class ship, the USS Lincoln. In October 2008, under the policies of Horizon Fleet, a ship transfer was granted with the creation of this ship, the Luna-class USS Iapetus, the third Luna-class ship to grace the ship listings of the Fleet. In April 2010, the Iapetus left Horizon Fleet during a split of the group, and became an independent simulation. Shortly thereafter, the sim was accepted into Bravo Fleet's Task Force 38.

Three years later, permission was received from the Bravo Fleet Admiralty to convert the sim into a Fiction Simulation.

A Bravo Fleet Fiction simulation is made up of no more than three writers, and focuses less on quantity and more on quality. As a fiction sim, our stories immediately become a part of Task Force 38 canon, subject to the approval of the Task Force Commander. Our stories can now become far more complex, and far more character driven than they could ever become before, and we will be focusing on expanding the Task Force's exploration of the Delta Quadrant; meeting races both old and new and working far outside the range of easy reinforcements.

As a Fiction sim, the Iapetus will not be recruiting or looking for new members. However our stories are there to be read, so please feel free to browse the options on the right and read some of the material that we have been producing.