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Lieutenant Commander Zim Drex

Name Zim Drex

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 162 lbs
Hair Color None (Bald)
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Blue skin, is the first thing that one notices, although Drex has a slightly shorter and stouter stature than the average human. He has a cartilaginous ridge which runs the length of his skull. He's bald.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Mal Drex
Mother Lira Linn
Brother(s) Met Drex, Rike Drex, Lim Drex (Half Brother), Mat Drex (Half Brother)
Sister(s) Halora Drex
Other Family Co-Mother: Wyn Zell

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like most Bolians, Drex is particularly outspoken. He makes no qualms against giving people his advice whether they ask for it or not. He is typically good-natured, loyal and friendly, as most Bolians are. And he seems content to be working away at a plasma conduit as he does relaxing on the holodeck. He befriends security officers on away teams, as he usually relies on them to keep the Cardassians, Borg, or whatever other badguys off his back while he works. He loves new gadgets and analyzing new technology.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: He's good-natured. Even in particularly work-intensive environments. He can work long hours on difficult assignments without any complaints. He has proficiency in maneuvering in tight quarters and crawlspaces. For example. He can move through Jefferies tubes a little faster than the average Starfleet Engineer. This is due to his short stature and acute familiarity with ship designs. He has been known to modify crawlspaces as well to make them more accessible. He is more resistant to plasma burns than the average humanoid, due to cartilaginous tissues in his body.

Weaknesses: He's afraid of being shot with phasers. He gets jittery in ground combat situations quicker than the average human. He has served as a field engineer during prolonged conflicts, but did not like it. His combat record is acceptable but not extensive.
Like most engineers he takes great pride in his work. He doesn't like it when peers discredit his abilities. He gets disheartened by having to eject warp cores, sometimes even taking valuable time to say goodbye first.
Ambitions Drex has the ambition of exploring deep space, as with most officers in Starfleet. Though, in his particular case, the weirder it is, the cooler. He has the ambition of maintaining ships systems at peak efficiency.
Hobbies & Interests Ship blueprints. Model ship building. Paper map collecting. Work (Engineering, Repair). Gadgets. Computer Programming. Tricorder maintenance. Diagnostics. Writing holodeck programs (secretive, fears criticism).
Languages Bolian, Human (English?)

Personal History Most of this information, unless otherwise stated, also appears in his Service Record.

Born in approximately 2353 on Bolarus IX to parents Mal Drex and Lira Linn. Mal Drex was a financial consultant for the famed Bank of Bolias. Lira Linn was a project consultant for city development in the capital. Zin Drex was the youngest son and as such was least likely to succeed his father. This suited Drex's interests, since he was more interested in helping his mother with drafting than maintaining finances.

Zin left for Starfleet Academy as soon as he reached the age of independence, however, much to his surmise, the Dominion War broke out a year into his Academy training. In his 3rd year at the Academy, he was called into active duty service and given a Field Commission of Ensign and was assigned as a Junior Operations Officer aboard the USS Fredrickson. During a lengthy battle with the Jem Hadar, the Engineering compartment was exposed to space when a Cardassian Galor class' blade clipped the dorsal side of the Fredrickson. Emergency forcefields were offline and the entire senior Engineering crew was pulled into space. Ensign Drex and the first officer were sent to shore up the damage to Engineering and activate emergency bulkheads manually. They moved through the ruined deck with nothing but a pressure suit between them and the ensuing battle happening outside the gashed bulkheads.

Despite several obstacles, Ensign Drex and the First Officer were successful in securing the hull breach, confirmed and prevented a warp core breach by locking down the magnetic constrictors by hand in a Zero-G environment. At one point, during a failure of inertial dampers, Drex erected a level 5 forcefield around one of the fissures to keep them both from flying off into space.

Drex reflects on the incident as follows: "I puked up things I don't remember eating. Afterwards I threw the suit right in replicator for recycling. No one should have to clean up that mess."

After the incident, Drex was moved to Engineering, where he was appointed "Acting Chief Engineer" for the remainder of the sortie. He sat in on Senior Staff Meetings and handled repair schedules on the Fredrickson for the remainder of the tour.

Once the ship was finally properly refitted and recrewed, he underwent extensive retraining to assist the new Engineering staff. Three months later, he was promoted to Lieutenant J.G. and assigned as a Warp Field Specialist in the department. He developed a lasting rapport with his crewmates as being optimistic, even in seemingly hopeless situations.

The worst of which came at the battle for the Chin'toka system, in which the Fredrickson was disabled while he was on an away mission. He had been beamed into a tight crawlspace on a Dominion orbital weapons platform and was trying to access the weapons system when a conduit exploded, badly wounding him with 2nd degree plasma burns.

Comm traffic indicated his spirits were high as he waited for beamout. Drex notes that:

"It hurt really bad, but I was able to build a dermal regenerator out of tricorder parts. That and I packed a lunch. Nothing makes your day seem brighter than a steaming bowl of Bolian tomato soup... Well except maybe plasma fires all around you."

Though the attempt to seize the orbital platforms was unsuccessful, the data Drex accumulated helped Chief O'Brien on the U.S.S. Defiant identify the subspace power generator on the small moon orbiting one of the planets. Once the Chin'toka system was taken, Drex was beamed aboard the U.S.S. Galaxy and the Fredrickson was towed to Starbase 74 for repairs.

After the war was over, he was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the U.S.S. Bellerophon and served as Assistant Chief Engineer for seven years during back to back deep space assignments on the far side of Romulan space. In his personal log he identified some of the alien races cataloged as: "Weird, but none of them as weird as Tellarites."

The mission charted various spatial anomalies and nebulae that he found very boring. He did manage to acquire several items he'll call "knick knacks" that would be useless to anyone without advanced engineering knowledge. For example, he picked up a driver coil unit that didn't need to be reconfigured for a jump to warp speed, thus theoretically improving the rate at which a vessel could enter and leave warp.

A series of tests was performed, attempting to adapt the alien assembly to the Intrepid Class starship's intermix chamber. Drex claimed 'would keep him from dying of boredom' while the crew focused on charting gaseous protostars. The test resulted in failure. The following excerpt appears in the Bellerophon's bridge log.

"Captain Hanson to Engineering. What's happening? Main power just went offline. We're losing sensors, engines, and deck one gravity nets."

"Whoopsiedaisy! Sorry Captain."

During this tour he spent a lot of time creating holoprograms from various files in the ship's database. He asked First Officer Lt. Cmdr Jepella as a personal favor to take credit for creating the programs as he had a phobia of ridicule from his peers. Gradually, the First Officer encouraged him to come forward and take credit for his work, which she described as "really good" in her personal logs.

His works include:

A simulation of the Cliffs of Bole
A simulation of the Romulan Capital on Romulus taken from Starfleet Intelligence reports
A simulation of 24th century San Francisco, Earth
A simulation of Paris, Earth circa 1968
A simulation of 23rd century Tycho City, Luna
A simulation of the complete tale "A Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde
A simulation of a duplicate U.S.S. Bellerophon, for classified tactical reasons
A simulation of a Bolian Transport, which is rumored to be immensely detailed

Even though he was helped by his senior officer to overcome his anxiety, he still worries that his creative works will not hold up to scrutiny.

Service Record Drex, Zim RL-24115-226

Lieutenant/Date of Rank 57112.4
Spec.7 Warp Plasma Technician, Warp Field Dynamics


USS Fredrickson 50975.8
USS Bellerophon 54014.8

Starfleet Academy San Francisco Earth 50722.4
Born Belarus IX 4 39XXX.X (~2353)
Parents Mal and Lira Drex

Okuda Award, Engineering Sciences
Starfleet Medal of Commendation
Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry
Jalhal Award, EPS Theory

Served aboard USS Fredrickson as Acting Chief Engineer due to disaster on ship. Served as team leader during Dominion War in Engineering Department.

Served aboard USS Bellerophon as Assistant Chief Engineer during deep space assignment surveying far side of Romulan/Garidian space.

Team Leader/Warp Plasma Control Systems, And EPS Systems Manager