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Lieutenant Peter Brown

Name Peter Brown

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 0 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Peter is a tall muscular young man, with blond hair and blue eyes. His blond hair is very curly, and has an look of Youngness


Spouse Marie Grey
Father John Brown
Mother Elesa Brown (KIA)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Peter is an easy going guy with the enlisted men on the ship, always one for a joke just as well as with the officers - always a smile on his face even in the worst possible moments.
Strengths & Weaknesses Peter's strengths are quite interesting as Peter can perform calculations like a computer, and he can look at the next 20 Steps down the line and also can see the good in people. Peter's weaknesses are that at times if he gets really frustrated with something he will have an tendency to give up.
Ambitions Peter will one day would like to become a Captain of a starship
Hobbies & Interests Peter's hobbies are Federation Shuttles and Starships from the 22nd Century to today, and Peter has an interest in Klingon Culture
Languages Federation Standard, Romluan,Vulcun,Klingon

Personal History eter grew up on the Federation Star ship Serria with his Father and Mother. His Father was Chief Petty Officer of the Serria and Chief Engineer, his Mother was a Lieutenant and Chief Tactical Officer. Peter grew up knowing Starship Operations, and he used to be allowed on the Bridge during the Night Shift on the Operations Station. Peter decided he would go to Starfleet Academy. He was accepted and while en Route to Starbase 113 a Dominion Cruiser attacked the Ship and destroyed it thus his Mother was Killed.The U.S.S Serria was mostly Recovered and sent to the Vulcun Ship Yards, Starfleet Command decided what was left of the Ship was rebuit to an New Vessel to be Commisioned U.S.S Saber, His Father John was Field Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Made Executive Officer of the U.S.S Saber., The U.S.S Saber was assigned on an 6 month Patrol of the Romluan Neutual Zone, Peter Stayed on the Saber as the Then Commanding Officer an Captain Steven Bailey request him to stay as an Former Academy Instructor the Captian Whanted to Give Peter some Training.With in 2 Months of the Patrol of the U.S.S Saber, the U.S.S Saber received an Distress call from the Netual Zone, Captian Baliey ordered the Ship into the Zone,An Romluan Transport suffered an Accident,the U.S.S Saber recued the Ship .Within a few minites the Sigulatey Core emploded causeing an Massave Shockwave dammaged the U.S.S Saber.Starfleet Command then Made Peters Father the New Commanding Officer of the U.S.S Saber and Assigned it to an 5 Year Deep Space Mission to Bring Supplies to the Closest Solor System in the Delta Quadrent. After Four Years in Starfleet Academy Peter was assigned to the U.S.S Yorktown as Operations Officer at the Rank of Ensign.While Serving on the Yorktown, Peter took an Course Learning Romluan and Vulcun for an Mission into Romluan Space to retrive an Downed Federation Transport, After an a few Years on the Yorktown,On the Last Mission Peter Served on the U.S.S Yorktown, the Yorktown was sent to the Badlands to recover an Missing Cardassian Glalor Warship which was Stolen by an Rouge Faction of the Cardassian Goverment.While the Yorktown recovered the Vessel it Suffered Major Dammage and was Sent for an 18 Month Refit. Peter was Promoted to Lieutenant J.G and after an Year Assigned Chief Operations officer on the U.S.S Lincoln. After an Few Months Peter was Promoted to Lieutennent and Late in the Year was Promoted to Lieutennent Commander and Now Serves as Exective Officer of the Linclon. After Being Promoted to Commander and transferd with the Iapetus there was an Situation with his Father and just after this he Droped to his Substamtive Rank of Lieutennent and whent on an Extended Leave From Starfleet.while on leave Peter returned to Earth and Spend the Last Six Months on the Great Lakes were he Found His Wife and after Courting Got Married before Desiding to Return to Starfleet
Service Record Starfleet Personal Database
NAME: Peter Brown
DOB: 2361
Status: Active
Origin: Earth
Current Rank:Lieutenant
Current Assignment: Cheif Operations Officer

* Starfleet Academy
* Starship Operations Course

2377-Starfleet Academy
2380-Promoted to Ensign
2381-Assigned to U.S.S Yorktown Operations Officer
2382-Promoted to Lieutenant J.G
2383-Transfered to U.S.S Lincoln Chief Operations Officer
2383-Promoted to Lieutenant
2383-Assigned Executive Officer,U.S.S Lincoln
2383-Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2383-Resignes and drops to Rank Lieutennent