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Lieutenant JG Emily Hamson

Name Emily Hamson

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species ex-borg/human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color borg implants
Physical Description Emily has a slim figure. She's tall and has shoulder length hair which she often wears down. Because she's an ex-borg drone she has some implants on her face - she has an implant on her left cheek, an implant down her forehead and her human eyes have been replaced with borg occular implants. She also has borg tubual on her hand and a implant on her neck. She walks in an elegant fashion by moving her hips but she keeps her arms stationary or behind her back and when she stands still she oftens puts her hands behind her back.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Dave Hamson
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) unknown
Sister(s) unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Emily was assimilated at the age of six and was liberated from the collective when she was 21 so she has a non-emotional borg tone and doesn't like expressing her emotions because she has difficulty controlling them. She's very stubborn and once she's got her mind set on something its very hard for someone to change her mind.
Because she was raised by a borg, she hasn't learnt the necessary social skills to interact properly: She's very blunt, very honest and is not good at being subtle or reading subtlty from others. She also has trouble grasping the chain of command but once she knows she tries her best to fit in. She also often mis-reads signals people give her. For example, one time during the academy she accused a guy of liking her and tried to have sex with him even though he was just being friendly towards her. She later apologised when she realised her mistake and they stayed good friends during the academy. She often perfers to listen rather then speak to people espically when she's stood in a crowd.
She's also very nosey and likes helping people whenever she can as she wishes to make up for all the lives she took whilst she part of the collective.
She doesn't like talking about her past, family or the borg unless she has to. She likes to keep to herself if she can but she's trying to force herself to become more socialble.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths-
Because of her borg implants she has enhanced strength, agility, her borg eyes offer her better eye site then most humaniods.
She also has an eidetic memory and can read fast.
Because of her implants she's more resiliant to injury.
She's kind and always willing to help anyone.

prone to malfunction or failure or receiving unwanted transmissions from borg devices
She needs to regenerate to keep her implants maintained
Needs regular medicle check ups
Doesn't like being alone
Clostophobic and doesn't like crowds
Isn't good in social situations
Ambitions Ever since she was liberated from the borg she's been eager to stay in space and be part of the Federation. She perfers science and wants to become a science officer. she also wants to do all that she can to make up for how many people she helped kill or assimilate whilst she was part of the collective.
Hobbies & Interests She enjoy reading, studying science, trying to gain pefection in her work, playing chess and making things.
Languages human english, klingong, borg

Personal History When Emily was 6 years old she was on a planet with her father whilst the planet was being assimilated by the borg. Emily's father was also assimilated with her but she doesn't know or want to know who her mother was or where she was assimilated. She doesn't know any of her family and doesn't want to know because it reminds her of the pain that the Borg caused her. She doesn't enjoy talking about her past.
When she was 21, the borg cube that she was in was damaged whilst it travelled through a class 1 nebual. Whilst she was regenerating, her unit was hit by an energy beam which severed her link to the collective and after spending two weeks on the cube, she regained all of her human memories and the main parts of her personality. After she killed all of the drones on the cube she contacted a nearby Federation Starship on a subspaced band who later picked her up, the ships Doctor removed most of her implants and when she was 22 she was taken to Earth and joined Star Fleet Academy.
She graduated from the Academy when she was 26 she graduated from the Academy and was assigned to the Starship USS Regan as a Science Officer. She gained the rank Lieutenunt JG
When she was 27 she was then assigned to the USS Iapetus as Chief Science Officer.

Service Record When she was 22 she joined Starfleet academy
When she was 26 she graduated from the academy and was assigned to the Starship USS Regan as a Science Officer. She gained the rank Lieutenunt JG
When she was 27 she was then assigned to the USS Iapetus as Chief Science Officer.