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Lieutenant James Cohen

Name James Matthew Cohen

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 155
Hair Color Black (Graying)
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description James Cohen has an athletic build he also has grown a short neatly kept beard that has also started to lose its color and has gray hairs showing through. In his youth he had jet black hair, however as he has grown older in age his hair has steadily began to lose its color. He has large hands and arms contending with the regular working out that he does.


Spouse None
Children None
Father David
Mother Brenda
Brother(s) David II, Marcus
Sister(s) Kelsey
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview James Cohen is rather easy going and tends to find humor in a lot of things. He has recently reopened communications with his parents and elder brother David II which has made him a better person. He is a proud person allowing his pride to help in the judgment that leads to each decision revolving around his crew and his ship. It was ultimately his experiences that led to him being the person he is today.
Ambitions To one day find someone to marry and have a family.
Hobbies & Interests James enjoys being alone in his quarters or in his office rarely is he seen away from these places during his time off. Having experience in engineering has allowed him to attend to the engineering sections of the ships that he has been in command of.
Languages Federation Basic

Personal History Born in Los Angeles on the planet Earth to Brenda and David Fire and originally named James Matthew Fire as one of two middle children. His twin sister Kelsey was born twenty seven seconds after himself. James had a quiet life with his family in Los Angeles until he turned fifteen years old and was introduced to his family the Cohen’s. This introduction was without knowledge by his mother and father, and he was not alone his sister and younger brother Marcus was also introduced to their grandfather. The reasoning behind his surname became known that same day and the three chose to keep their knowledge of events a secret at least for now.

A few years later when James and Kelsey decided upon joining Starfleet as officers their parents namely their father became enraged. That was the day when James and Kelsey explained that they knew the truth about what their father had done to disgrace the family name and the family honor. The Cohen family was a proud Jewish family originally living in New York City until David had gotten Brenda pregnant outside of marriage which was a big deal. And, instead of facing the family and what they had requested to be done David fled with Brenda to Los Angeles. Years later David was faced with the same instance, however he was unaware that Marcus was also involved. In anger the twins changed their names legally to Cohen and disowned any knowledge of their parents. James and Kelsey joined Starfleet Academy later that year in the field of Operations.

James was assigned to the U.S.S. Reagan a New Orleans class starship as a propulsion specialist on board. His knowledge in the engine dynamics and the efficiency in which he was able to improve the usage of resources led to his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade two years after he graduated the academy. A year later the Assistant Chief Operations had been reassigned leaving the position empty and the Chief Operations Officer recommended James Cohen for the job as he continued to learn about the many other systems on board the starship. His abilities to run operations alone later led to his promotion to Lieutenant around four years later.

James would spend more than ten years on board the Reagan before seeking a new position on board a Luna Class starship the U.S.S. Iapetus.
Service Record 2359 – Joined Starfleet Academy
2363 – Graduated Starfleet Academy
2363 – Promoted to Ensign assigned to U.S.S. Reagan as an Engineering Officer
2365 – Promoted to Lieutenant J.G.
2366 – Assigned to U.S.S. Reagan as the Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2370 – Promoted to Lieutenant
2387 – Assigned to U.S.S. Iapetus as the Chief Engineering Officer