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Lieutenant Kell Demar

Name Kell Demar

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 35 (387)

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 5''
Weight 187
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Despite having a rather lithe swimmers build from his mid-teens to late 20’s; Kell has spent much time in the gym bulking up and building more muscle as his duties over the past 5+ years have kept him on his feet in field operations. His hair tends to change greatly depending on whatever mission he is sent on but when on a shipboard assignment it typically ranges from slightly shaggy to outright long. He features the typical Trill spots from head to toe. He is above average height for a member of the Trill species.

He has been described as attractive, despite the fact he maintains his nose is far too big for his face, but he rarely tries to keep himself ‘handsome’ and keeps a very casual and low key dress when off duty.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Trel Dentin
Mother Erkza Dentin
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lenra Dentin
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kell has a rather easy-going personality and generally is not one for formality. His years with Starfleet Intelligence required him to adapt his personality to several situations, allowing him to easily slip into almost another person if need be. Several psychologists have voiced that they worry this is a poor coping mechanism to deal with the stress and problems in his early Starfleet career but have generally cleared him for work. His work with Starfleet Intelligence, its classified nature and his rather turbulent career before his work at SI leads him to be more closed off about his past. While he can easily get along with most anyone, his job with Starfleet Intelligence demands it, he has very few close friends and he prefers to keep it that way. He has no problem being social and making a few casual friends but generally keeps people at arm’s length at a certain point.

Romantic relationships are not Kell’s forte. After getting drunk and sleeping with his boss early in his career and fumbling up a few subsequent attempts while he was stationed on Trill he generally has shied away from serious romantic relationships. He has maintained a few casual relationships over the past few years with several men and women but his work with SI and little desire to move thing further nothing much has ever come of them.
Strengths & Weaknesses Thanks to the Demar symbiont he has nearly 400 years of memories on tap with most of the in the science filed; leading him to be somewhat of a whiz kid in the science field. Some have remarked that his patience is remarkably high; benefiting him in both the science and Intelligence fields he has worked in.

Kell tends to be a bit of a perfectionist; often refusing to turn in or complete work or a mission until it has met his satisfaction. He shares the typical limitations that Joined Trills have: Insect bites can be extremely dangerous and serious injuries are complicated by the complications of keeping the symbiont’s safety in mind before the host’s safety. While he did have rather high morals during the early part of his Starfleet career his work with Starfleet Intelligence and his past on the USS Edison had lead him to form a very ‘Do what must be done to protect the Federation’ attitude; leading to a butting of heads when he is assigned to a Starship. His engineering skills and next to nothing; usually breaking things more of he attempts to fix them. While he isn’t the best at combat skills, he has improved over the years at the Phaser range.
Ambitions His ambitions are fairly small. He enjoys his work and simply wishes to continue serving. There is a small part of him that would like to settle down with a family at some point but he realizes the chances of that are small. He has no desire to have a command of his own and only took the requisite command training courses when he was put up for promotion to Commander; even though his official rank is rarely used when SI sends him out on assignments.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys painting and some singing. He can get rather engrossed in a book quickly and easily.
Languages Federation Standard, Trill, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan (some), Andorian

Personal History Born in one of the smaller Trill cities Kell had a mostly regular childhood. In school he excelled in the Sciences and Literature classes; showing a high level of reading comprehension and analytical thinking skills. He struggled in his math classes. In High School Kell was on the swim team and was invited to take placement tests for Starfleet Academy. The Academy offered him a spot at the Academy in either the Science or Intelligence major once he graduated and he gladly accepted. However just shy of his 18th birthday he received the news every Trill wants to hear: he had been accepted as a symbiosis commission candidate. He quickly deferred his enrollment in Starfleet and entered into the training program. Kell’s scores weren’t overly impressive during his training but he refused to give and didn’t wash out like so many that had entered with him. After 2 years he was allowed to join with the Demar symbiont. Demar was one of the older symboints at just over 350 years but its past 4 hosts had all been involved in science careers and it and Kell were considered ‘complementary’. The joining process went smoothly and 6 months later Kell left Trill for Starfleet Academy ready to put his new abilities to good use.

Kell choose to major in Scientific studies with a minor in Intelligence Studies. The early years of his Academy training were difficult as he had to deal with not only having a new person in him but he had to grow accustomed to living on a new planet in a military setting where he was expected to snap to attention at a moment’s notice; something the young Trill didn’t enjoy. He has several reprimands in his file from his first two years at the academy for his attitude towards his professors. He wasn’t rude or insubordinate but he had a more causal (some would say flippant) form of addressing them and wasn’t afraid to challenge their assessments of him. His last two years were somewhat better. He had grown accustomed to being joined and he moved on from the more basic studies and onto more science courses. He exceled greatly in them but his engineering and tactical/security scores were woefully low. He managed to scrap by in those classes but just barely and he graduated square in the middle of his class as opposed near the top due to that.

The exuberant Ensign was assigned to the USS Edison as the head of stellar sciences and as the acting Assistant Chief Science Officer. He didn’t have long to settle into the roll before he was thrust into the spotlight. The Edison had be assigned to retrieve a Federation spy near the Breen border who had been work with Starfleet Intelligence to gather information on the state of the Breen after the war. It turned out to be an ambush. As soon as the operative was retrieved 3 Breen ships dropped out of warp and attacked the Galaxy Class ship. The Edison managed to destroy one ship and was close to disabling a second when one of the ships fired a subspace weapon and a quantum compression vortex formed. The damaged Edison try to get away but it was dragged inside. When it emerged the ship was severely damaged and the Chief Science Officer was severally injured; along with many others. It fell to Kell to lead the science department barely a week into his first assignment. The now heavily damaged Edison managed to limp to a nearby Starbase only to find it abandoned and nearly destroyed.

Investigation on the Starbase reviled some startling news: the Federation had fallen to the Dominion after they joined forces with a race called the Wesra. Earth had been occupied. Vulcan had been obligated. The Romulan and Klingon Empires were barely holding on and were a shadow of their former selves. On the Edison the sensors finally started working and Kell had to deliver the bad news: this was not their universe. Faced with no was back to their proper universe unless they sought help the Edison sought out what remained of the Federation. After a week of barely keeping the ship running a ‘federation’ ship found them and towed them back to a remote system in the Alpha Quadrant; the new home of what was left of the Federation. 275,000 people and just fewer than 400 worn torn ships were all that reminded of the once mighty federation. The Edison’s captain explained their plight and this weakened federation agreed to help on one condition: once they repaired the Edison they would need its help in taking down a massive Dominion base. Faced with little choice the captain said yes. Once it was done the other Federation would open a nearly identical quantum compression vortex and the Edison would pass through it.

With the Edison at the front of the ragtag of Starfleet, Romulan and Klingon fleets set off for the system. Part way there the Edison detected something deeply troubling. The omega particle was found on the Dominion planetary base. That universes Federation finally unvlied they truth: the Dominion had harnessed the power of Omega and it had to be destroyed on it would be used to finally eliminate what was left of that universes Federation. While most of the senior staff had no clue what Omega was the Captain agreed to help and tasked Kell with being positive, beyond a doubt, that Omega was in used and was an authentic threat. Kell didn’t notice anything that was out of place. The particle was real and that was he told the captain. It would prove to be a mistake that would haunt Kell forever.

Arriving at the base the complied fleet attacked while Kell lead away teams to the surface to contain and destroy Omega. Once the finally found Omega’s location all the found was a room with a small box pushing out the false signal. It was an ambush. A trap to lure what was left of that universes Federation to the bulk of the Dominion fleet. Thousands of Dominion ship de-cloaked and attacked the allied fleet. The battle was quick and bloody. Out of 532 allied Federation ships in the battle only 23 made it out and only 3 of the 9 away teams made it back to the Edison. The loss all but destroyed Kell. He had confirmed the Omega had been real. His screwed up had lead thousands to their deaths. Up until that point Kell had been a outgoing, confident, idealistic if not slightly naive young man but now he was broken. The other Federation upheld their end of the bargain and handed over a Breen subspace weapon to help the Edison return; eager to be rid of the ship that had nearly caused their obliteration. On practically autopilot Kell helped program the weapon with the help of the spy they had picked up long ago, one Lt. Commander Nexx Duian who had served as Chief Science Officer before his assignment to Breen space, and used it to get the Edison home. During the trip back the Edison was severely damaged, damaged to the point that is was deal in space. The Sovereign Class USS Alberta came to retrieve the Edison crew while the Edison itself was towed back to Earth Spacedock.

During the trip back to Earth Kell remained in his temporary quarters; not leaving one. Once the Alberta arrived at Earth the crew of the Edison was put of lockdown by the Temporal Affairs department. Weeks of intensive interrogation followed; further stressing Kell. In the end the crew of the Edison was cleared and the incident covered up. Kell was even promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and permanently assigned to the Edison when it again left spacedock. He finally made an effort to regain some sense of normalcy and had dinner with the Edison’s new Chief Science Officer, one Lt. Commander Nexx Duian. The dinner ended up being a mistake. After becoming inebriated the two men spent the night together. Ashamed at what he had done Kell retreated to a small island resort in the Caribbean before learning that Nexx had been reassigned and had already left Earth, without a word. The two would not speak for years and never resolved their issues. Kell pleaded with Starfleet to re-assign him to another post and he was shuffled off to the USS Casey as its new Assistant Chief Science Officer. The Casey provided some much needed normalcy a Kell excelled there. He quickly moved up to the Chief Science Officer position and the rank of Lieutenant. After some time even the Casey grew to be too much. It had managed to visit yet another alternate universe and a run in wit Lt. Commander Nexx Duian on the ship lead to Kell wanting sometime more stable. He put in for a transfer and was assigned to Starfleet Sciences on Trill.

Kell spent more than a few years there and rose to the rank of Lt. Commander before being pulled into Starfleet Intelligence. They had need for a science expert in a few upcoming covert operations and they had picked Kell. The change of pace suited Kell and he was then permanently assigned to the covert operations section of Starfleet Intelligence. Kell excelled there and was promoted to team leader and Commander after 2 years and spent a further year as team leader. In mid-2387 he was informed of his new assignment. He would be assigned to the USS Iapetus as its Chief Science Officer but it wouldn’t be any normal assignment. It would itself be a semi-covert operation with Kell’s official bio and record modified to show his entire time as a member of Starfleet Intelligence would be hidden and a rather boring stent at Starfleet Science HQ inserted in its place. Even his rank would be un officially changed to show a slower promotion rate more in line with the average promotion time to hide his rather quick climb through the ranks. He was simply told that more of his Intelligence assignment would be reveled ‘in time’ and until then he was to perform the duties of Chief Science Officer until he was called upon. So Kell finally left Earth for the USS Iapetus despite not knowing what his true assignment was or even how many pips would be adorning his collar.
Service Record Starfleet Academy

USS Casey

USS Edison

Starfleet Sciences; Trill

Starfleet Intelligence (Classified; appears as serving as a researcher as Starfleet Science; Earth in all records)

USS Iapetus