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Lieutenant Commander Amol Kotay

Name Amol Kotay

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description With a toned physique honed through traditional training and the caring for his body as practised by his people for generations, Amol has a strong build, with solid core muscles. He does not appear as a brute however, as his muscles are hardly bulging under his skin. His blue eyes are piercing, and appear to be full of the depth of his character


Father Kono Kotay
Mother Sereise Kotay
Sister(s) Sekeya Kotay

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amol has a very peaceful nature, and deals with situations very calmly. He considers himself an excellent judge of character, and is quick to trust. He views his role as first officer as providing a firm presence to anchor both his captain and his fellow crewmates, and he focuses his mind on centring himself in this place. He is a fair disciplinarian, but is not fearful of handing out punishment where it is warranted, nor is he afraid of combat, though he will prefer to avoid it if a choice is presented to him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Amol has a calm and centred mind, as well as a firm grasp of starship tactics. His background as what used to be referred to as a ‘Native American’ also gives him a good grasp of how to read his surroundings on the ground; how to track others without the assistance of equipment, and how to his himself amongst his natural surroundings.
Ambitions Amol hopes to someday attain command of his own starship, and join the captain's table. He has always enjoyed the feeling of freedom that space has given him. Contrary to the beliefs of most of his people, he believes that he is honouring nature even though he spends most of his time away from a planet's surface, and he hopes to continue to try and merge his spiritual beliefs with his Starfleet duties.
Hobbies & Interests Amol has enjoyed many of the older sports that were played at the Academy, such as boxing, rugby and other games which involved a healthy amount of physical commitment. Though he hasn't kept up with any of the sports since entering into service fully, he does enjoy taking part when the opportunity presents itself. He also enjoys playing the clarinet and reading old crime mystery novels.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Amol's tribe migrated from Earth two generations before his birth, to a planet that had been untouched by the expanding populations of the Federation. They believed that the only way to truly get back to their traditions of honouring nature would be to get away from Earth, a world they believed to have been lost to the progression of technology.

Amol disagreed with his tribe in that assertion, and grew to believe as he got older that he didn't need to be surrounded by nature all of the time in order to honour it. He believed that so long as one always took the time out of their day to turn their thoughts to where they came from, and what they owed their current existence to, then he could be anywhere in the galaxy and still live to his tribe's traditions.

So when he was old enough, he bartered passage on a freighter heading for Earth, and enrolled in Starfleet Academy, determined to see as much of the universe as he could during his existence.

Enrolling as a pilot, Amol's years at the Academy were different to what he was used to. Not just because of Starfleet's different way of doing things, but because of the differing attitudes of his classmates. Most of them paid almost no attention to the world around them aside from their instruments and the technology that had been created to make lives easier and more fun for them. Whilst Amol didn't shun technology, he always took the time to appreciate the world around him, and it took him a while to acclimatise himself to being around those who didn't do the same.

Graduating four years later 12th in his class, Amol was assigned to the USS Potemkin as helm officer, joining just as the situation with the Dominion was starting to get more tenuous. Amol was still on the Potemkin at the start of the war, and participated in the operations of the Ninth Fleet operating out of the Bajor sector.

Though he knew that his actions during the war were both necessary and on the orders of his superiors, Amol struggled to come to terms at times with the amount of lives the Starfleet forces were taking. His ancestors had always had warriors, but they only ever took lives when it was necessary, and took their time after the battle to honour the dead. Amol knew that the lives being taken were necessary for their own survival, but he took the time at the end of every battle to sit in his quarters and say a prayer for those that had been killed - on both sides. Some of his fellow crewmates struggled to understand why he did this for the likes of the Jem'hadar, but many simply accepted that different people had different ways of dealing with the horrors of war.

After the war, now a Junior Lieutenant, Amol struggled with the decision whether or not to stay with Starfleet, or return home and help his people. His homeworld had been one of those caught in the middle of the conflict with the Dominion, and he knew that lives had been lost and they would need help to return live there to normal, but at the same time he felt like he would be abandoning his post and his new home in Starfleet.

Eventually the decision was helped along by the Potemkin's commanding officer, who allowed Amol to take a leave of absence from Starfleet to return home, insisting that when he felt it was the right time to return, he would personally help the young Lieutenant find a new posting as long as Amol promised him that he would return eventually.

So Amol returned home, to help his tribe in the work on the land and the rebuilding of his childhood home. As time went on, he felt more and more tranquil there, and before he knew it, word had reached him that the commanding officer of the Potemkin had retired, five years after Amol had made the promise to return. Feeling as though he was on the verge of breaking his promise, Amol applied to return to active duty, and true to his word, his former captain found him a post on the USS Aries travelling the Alpha Quadrant seeking out new races and making contact with those that had been under study for first contact as Starfleet began to move back towards peaceful footing. Amol knew that there were still tensions and even to some extent poverty in the aftermath of the war, but he was grateful for his former CO to have found him such a posting.

After one more transfer to the Intrepid to take up the opportunity of serving as a second officer, Amol finally made his step into command as first officer when he applied for the vacant position on the Iapetus at the end of 2387, and travelled to Starbase 900 in the Delta Quadrant to take up his new posting.