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Lieutenant Marc Kenmore

Name Marc Kenmore

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Marc’s hair is often slightly messy and unkempt, and his uniform rarely meets the standards as required by regulations. His jacket and tunic are often creased, and he gives the overall impression that he doesn’t care much for his appearance


Father Hugh Kenmore
Mother Audrey Kenmore
Brother(s) Andrew Kenmore

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marc is very frank and straightforward, and will often call it as he sees it. This demeanour, and his apparent disregard of Starfleet protocol in general often puts him at odds with some of his colleagues; particularly his superiors. He does however manage to use his straight-up manner well in his counselling sessions; often forcing his patients to reassess their own reasoning and decisions as a result of his direct and often contentious questions
Strengths & Weaknesses Marc is exceedingly good at getting people to admit what they don't want to admit, even to themselves, and to confront the facts that they want to shy away from.

He is not very good however at dealing with his own demons, and will often bury himself for days in some needless project that will literally pile up around him in his quarters as a coping mechanism.
Ambitions Marc's ambitions are difficult to discern; he appears to almost drift through his career, whilst at the same time excelling at the assignments he is given. He hasn't applied for any additional training outside of his own field since his promotion to Lieutenant.
Hobbies & Interests Marc studies archaeology as a passtime, and keeps various artefacts around his office and his quarters. He also enjoys a good fantasy in the holodeck which he can really throw himself in to.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Marc had an unusual childhood, in that he wasn't the typical child. It was obvious that he was intelligent from a very young age, but it was also obvious that his behaviour differed from that of most other children; he preferred to take part in activities for children more mature than he was, and as soon as he was old enough to start reading, spent a lot of his time with his nose in a book. Throughout his unusual childhood however, he was always a keen observer of those around him; demonstrating the odd quality of being able to multi-task with two actions which usually required an individual's full attention.

He carried this trait of quiet observation through to his teenage years and into his Starfleet career. Not even his parents or his brother are entirely certain of his reasons for wishing to enrol in Starfleet as soon as he left school; their prevailing theory was that he was looking for something that might engage him more than most other fields had the capacity to. Their only guess as to why he wished to be trained as a counsellor is that he wanted to put his skills of observation to good use. It was an odd career path for Marc to take, as he had never been much of a people person, and often rubbed people the wrong way.

Marc scored high in his classes, but always fell short of being in the top three of his class. Some of his classmates assumed that this was on purpose, as he never seemed surprised or bothered when he received his results and grades. He didn't even stay long at his own graduation ceremony; leaving as soon as he had received his certificate and skipping the class awards and the after party.

Following his additional two years at Starfleet Medical to complete the training required for him to enter service in that field, Marc was assigned as the assistant counsellor to the USS Argonaut, under the ship's senior counsellor, Thomas Hamish. The two - unusually - became fast friends, and Marc has often commented that he learnt more from Hamish about counselling than in any of his years in study. Both Hamish and Kenmore have a very unique style of counselling which one would find hard to see defined in a text book, and it was on the Argonaut that Marc honed his approach. After three years of service under Hamish, Starfleet Medical deemed him ready to be a counsellor in his own right, and assigned him as the senior counsellor to the USS Gabel. The Gabel was a patrol ship, so it was unlikely to see any particularly difficult psychological cases, but more importantly, it wasn't going out into deep space; therefore the crew wouldn't have to suffer Marc's more unusual personality traits for long.

After three years on the Gabel, Marc was again trainsfered; this time to the Arizona with a promotion to the rank of full Lieutenant. Strangely at odds with the first impression most have after meeting him, Kenmore has received outstanding references from all three of the captains he has served with, which all went towards obtaining his next posting two years later at Starfleet Medical's Psychiatric department on Earth.

With counsellors so prevalent throughout the fleet, Starfleet Medical almost exclusively received patients that fell within the following categories; incapable of serving due to their condition, or forcibly removed from their service due to their condition. Such cases require more than a certain amount of skill on behalf of the patient's full-time counsellor over an extended periods, and only the best were accepted into such posts.

Once again, Marc received outstanding reviews from his commanding officer for the entire fourteen year period that he served on Earth, but eventually he needed a change of scenery, and he signed on to become the new counsellor of the USS Iapetus; a vessel due to be on assignment in deep space for an extended period of time in the Delta Quadrant. Due to Starfleet Personnel's previous considerations regarding Kenmore's assignments, the Iapetus' CO was given full warning of the counsellor's personality traits, and given the opportunity to refuse the appointment without any reason needing to be given. After speaking with each of Kenmore's previous COs however, Captain Krace approved Kenmore's transfer request.
Service Record 2360 - Enrolled at Starfleet Academy
2364 - Graduated Starfleet Academy. (Rank: Ensign) Began additional medical training
2366 - Graduated Medical Training Courses. (Rank: Lieutenant JG) Assigned as Assistant Counsellor on USS Argonaut
2369 - Appointed Ship's Senior Counsellor on USS Gabel
2372 - Promoted to Lieutenant. Transferred to USS Arizona as Ship's Senior Counsellor
2374 - Transferred to Starfleet Medical (Psychiatric Department) as Specialist Counsellor
2388 - Transferred to USS Iapetus as Ship's Senior Counsellor