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Lieutenant Commander Elliot Reese

Name Elliot Nathaniel Reese

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 190 lbs


Father Andrew Reese
Mother Stephanie Reese
Brother(s) Cory Reese
Other Family Ciera Reese (sister-in-law), Miranda Reese (niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Elliot is a rather free-spirited individual. He loves a challenge, whether it's a game, a technical issue, or even a new social situation. He loves to get to know people, especially those who he will be working with closely.
Strengths & Weaknesses Elliot is very technically minded and a very good engineer. However, he often strives to be friendly with everyone to the point that it can be destracting to both himself and others. He has a good sense of humor, but on occasion his jokes fall a little flat.
Ambitions The reason Elliot joined Starfleet is to seek new challenges and to explore the unknown. He knew from a young boy that he wanted to join Starfleet. He only had to chose a profession.
Hobbies & Interests Challenges always intrigue him, and that includes puzzles of many types. He always enjoys social interactions, so group games or meeting friends for a drink are welcome. He tries to stay in shape, mostly through sport rather than weight lifting or training. He loves to go camping on the holodeck.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Elliot Nathaniel Reese was born on Alpha Centauri in 2350 to Andrew and Stephanie Reese. He was the youngest of two boys; his brother Cory was three years older. The two boys had a relatively normal childhood. Cory would sometimes talk his younger brother into doing something to get him in trouble, but that wasn't out of the ordinary for two brothers. As the two grew older, they stayed very close. However, Elliot differed from his parents and brother in one major way. He wanted to explore space.

Andrew Reese was a professor of history at a university on Alpha Centauri. He had met his wife Stephanie at the same school while they were in their undergrad years. She would go on to study psychology. Both of their families had lived on Alpha Centauri for generations, their lineage dating back to some of the earliest colonists. Other than occasional trips to Earth or Vulcan for lectures or conferences, the pair did not do much travelling off world. Cory had taken after his parents, and became interested in the world of academia and socialogy. Elliot, however, would have none of it. Even before he was ten he was developing wanderlust, and wished that he could explore off world. By early teens, he had already made up his mind that he wanted to join Starfleet. His parents tried to talk him out of it, hoping that he would decide to stay on Alpha Centauri, but Cory knew that Elliot wouldn't be happy as long as he stayed in one place. After a long negotiation with his parents, they finally relented and allowed him to spend a summer studying abroad on Andoria.

At sixteen years old, he travelled to Andoria as part of a larger group, supervised by teachers from his secondary school. Living in a college town meant that he was no stranger to diversity, but he learned far more during his stay with his host family. Besides learning more about Andorian culture, he learned where his true calling lied; engineering. Elliot had always loved science and had taken several classes that required mechanical aptitude, but his host father loved to tinker. When Elliot wasn't in classes or exploring the cities, he was helping his host rebuild an old shuttle. That was when he truly learned that he wanted to work on engines.

With his mind made up, he scheduled additional technology and engineering classes to prepare him for his Starfleet Academy entrance exam. His parents still thought he was crazy, but the massive support from his brother helped him carry on. After a busy two years of preparation, he passed his exam and left home for San Francisco, Earth in 2368.

To Elliot, his years at the Academy seemed to pass in a blur. He easily made friends with the other cadets, and would often join some of his older colleagues to play pranks on the first years, usually by using some of the new tech they had been working on that term. Some of the engineers tended to be introverted, but not Elliot. He always loved to be the life of the party, and would occasionally go out of his way to get attention. Not that that didn't come with consequences. He had his share of reprimands, but nothing serious. None of his pranks ever put anyone in danger. Elliot wouldn't have allowed it. Once during his second year, a couple of the fourth years had planned a particularly cruel prank against a young tellarite, but Elliot quickly put a stop to it, even though it lost him those particular friends.

He had a fairly active love life during his Academy days. Being no stranger to a party or a good bar, he'd happily look for some company to enjoy the evening with. While date's were numerous, relationships were not. He was in no hurry to settle down, and considered his casanova status as part of the adventure.

Even though Elliot made sure to make the best of his social life during his years at Starfleet Academy, he did not sacrifice his grades completely for fun. He worked hard and partied hard. While some of his fellow engineers speciallized in various engineering fields, Elliot prefered to be a jack of all trades. He finished classes and graduated in the upper third of the class of 2372. After a short hiatus, he was assigned as an engineer aboard the USS Archimedes.

Unfortunately for Elliot's class, they graduated and entered service on the brink of war. Within the year, relations with the Klingons hit a breaking point, and the Federation found itself at war. The Archimedes served on the front lines, defending the border against Klingon excursions. During this time, Reese gained a reputation for quick, efficient repairs. As the war with the Klingons waned and war against their true enemy, the Dominion, become hot, Reese was named the damage control specialist for his ship. During combat he would be working closely with his department chief and assistant. Sometimes the two of them deferred to his judgment on assessing and reacting to battle damage. He learned to be calm and composed under pressure, a very valuable skill during those uncertain times.

Following the end of the war, personnel was being stretched thin throughout the fleet to make up for the heavy losses. Hundreds of ships were looking to replace officers, and a few even offered openings to Elliot. Although he loved serving on the Archimedes, he wanted an opportunity to advance his career. He ended up transferring to the larger USS Hornet. Before transferring, he returned to Alpha Centauri for a short time to serve as his brother's best man at his wedding. After the celebration he met up with the Hornet, where his tour of duty took him to the allied occupied Cardassian Empire, and later for patrols along the Romulan border. By 2380 he did see some career advancement when Elliot was promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer.

Reese continued to serve the Hornet with distinction for another three years, but he was not about to turn down the opportunity to run his own engine room. In 2383 he was offered the chief engineer position aboard the USS Laredo. It was aboard the Laredo that his ship was able to get back to Starfleet's core mission of exploration, their mission taking them out beyond the Romulan Empire. While the region to the galactic north of the Romulans wasn't completely unknown, it did offer him the opportunity to face new challenges that he couldn't face on simple border patrols. He remembered why he wanted to join Starfleet in the first place, and he knew that his future was going to lie with deep space exploration. He jumped at the chance to serve on a starship that was going to the Delta Quadrant, where they would truly face the unknown. Elliot quickly put in a request for transfer to a Delta Quadrant-bound ship, and was accepted to the USS Iapetus in late 2387. He would take over as the new chief engineer early that next year.
Service Record 2368 - Starfleet Academy - Cadet (First Year)
2369 - Starfleet Academy - Cadet (Second Year)
2370 - Starfleet Academy - Cadet (Third Year)
2371 - Starfleet Academy - Cadet (Fourth Year)
2372-2374 - USS Archimedes - Engineer
2374-2376 - USS Archimedes - Damage Control Specialist
2376-2380 - USS Hornet - Damage Control Specialist
2380-2383 - USS Hornet - Assistant Chief Engineer
2383-2387 - USS Laredo - Chief Engineer
2388 - USS Iapetus - Chief Engineer