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Commander Acle Walex

Name Acle James Walex

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 3"
Weight 192 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description His face is that of a stone, weathered and strong. His hair and eyes are the same hazel colored brown, not yet off-set with gray. His body is that of an natural athlete, strong and some consider to be good looking. When he walks, it is with that of a natural grace and great agility, the result of martial training. When he talks, he speaks softly in a deep voice. Rare indeed is the occasion when any other crew member finds him out of his uniform. The uniform always appears clean-kept and pressed, no matter the situation. His eyes miss nothing while in turn reveal nothing about the thoughts within.


Father James Walex (Deceased)
Mother Kristen Walex (54)
Brother(s) Jacob Walex (29), John Walex (28)
Sister(s) Cathrine Walex (26)
Other Family Grandfather: Exaine Walex (deceased, father of James)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Acle shows very little emotion, rare is the time when one can tell his thoughts. He has a dry sense of humor and shows confidence in all that he does. Acle will never talk about his past other then when directly ordered to, and will not reveal anything about his role in Starfleet other then what is completely necessary. He is a quiet man, much preferring to listen to others then talk himself. Acle follows a strict code of honor that he has set for himself, truly believing the adage "Death before Dishonor". Acle seems supremely confident in himself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Adapt at several forms of Martial Combat to include short combat knifes. Has received significant intelligence training and is considered by some to be an expert in the field of interrogation. Remains calm in almost any situation.

Weaknesses: Although very rare, when severely angered, Acle flies off the handle. Is reluctant to talk about personal matters with anyone, therefore, Acle rarely forms any relationships outside of the working environment. Acle has been called cocky before. Although it is rare, this confidence in himself sometimes blinds him to his failings.
Ambitions Few can notice any outside ambitions that drive Acle. Those that do simply determine that some inside demon drives him onward.
Hobbies & Interests Acle has always been interested in small space craft and atmospheric travel. He has a civilian license to fly in an atmosphere. In addition, after his father's murder, Acle developed a keen interest in martial combat.
Languages Federation Basic, Old Spanish.

Personal History Acle was born on Earth in the year 2353. His beginning years were uneventful, full of happy family moments. His family was tightly knit, his father a Federation Marshal, his mother a stay at home mom. While his family was not rich, they lived comfortably. Acle dreamed not of becoming a firefighter, or of a police officer, but of becoming a pilot, specifically, an atmospheric pilot. His father encouraged his dreams, telling him that he could be whatever he wanted.

Acle's life continued in this fashion up until his 12th year. Early his 12th year, both his grandfather and grandmother died in a mysterious accident. Although an investigation was launched into the means of the crash, nothing was ever determined. Acle's family was devastated. During this time, Acle's father, James, left for a period of about a month, giving no real reason for leaving. Life slowly began to return to normal, although a deep ache still resided in Acle's heart. A year went by like this, and although the memory of his grandparents did not fade, the pain lessened.

One night, near Acle's 13th birthday, Jame's offered to take Acle on a camping trip. Acle eagerly agreed, happy to get away from his three younger siblings and for the time with his father. The camping trip was to last a week with the son and father returning on a Sunday. When Monday came around, Acle's mother, Kristen, began to worry. When the sun began to sink on Monday night, Kristen notified the authorities.

An extensive investigation was launched, both by Federation Agents and by local law enforcement agents. The body of James Walex was quickly found, but, no trace of Acle could ever be found. The investigation eventually turned cold.

A year went on like this, the remaining Walex family severely distraught. In the space of little over a year, they had lost two close grandparents, a beloved father, and the oldest child in the family. The family received a pension large enough to support them, but, grief was the family's constant companion.

A few days before what would have been Acle's 14th birthday, his mother found him, barely alive, on the porch of the home. He was immediately rushed to a hospital where he was stabilized. Soon after, Star Fleet Intelligence officers arrived and cloistered the boy, even away from his hysterical mother. They did not leave for 48 hours.

Acle recovered swiftly from his potentially lethal wounds, although he was completely changed from the cheery boy he once was. He was now aloof and cold, and began devoting significant time to martial art classes and training. He remembered little from his time away other then a dark room and a strange device. He remembered emphatically what he did to escape, but, refused to talk to his family about it. As soon as he was legally old enough to do so, he enlisted in Star Fleet, disdaining the academy. He graduated basic and advanced training with flying colors and began his career as a security officer about the USS Avalon. During his enlisted career, he participated in two major battles of the Dominion War before being deep selected for the academy. Once there, he began his career as an Internal Affairs Agent.


Acle participated in the raid of San Fransisco, manning an orbital defense bunker along with several cadets. He graduated early from the academy and was assigned to the field directly to search out enemy agents. He spent the remainder of the Dominion War searching out Changelings and agents sympathetic to the enemy amongst Star Fleet Intelligence. His records indicate that he found several, and personally presided over two executions due to extreme sensitivity of the information represented.

After the Dominion War, Acle became known as one of the most adept internal affairs agents that the Federation had. He became a target for the Tal Shiar and numerous intelligence agencies. The department buried him deep for a year, assigning him to the USS Lincoln as the executive officer. Another year later, the department reassigned him back to the field, where he *NEED-TO-KNOW ACCESS ONLY*----

Acle returned from his mission and underwent special training to further resist *NEED-TO-KNOW ACCESS ONLY*---

Acle was then assigned the the USS Iapetus as the Chief Intelligence Officer. Over a series of missions and an extreme position change, he was promoted to Commander and assigned as the Executive Officer, where he currently still serves.

Service Record -2371 -Graduated Starfleet Basic Training
-2371 -Graduated Starfleet Adv. Training specializing in security.
+2371 -Promoted from Crewmen Recruit to Crewmen 1st Class for exemplary marks.

-2371 -Transferred to the USS Avalon as a Security Officer.
-2372 -Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class

-2373 -Reassigned to USS Ticonderoga as a security officer.
-2373 -Battle of Torros III (Dominion War)
-2373 -Received numerous commendations from actions undertaken under combat situations.

-2373 -Transferred to the USS Nile
+2373-Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class
-2374 -Battle of the Tyra System (Dominion War)
-2374 -Successfully led crew off of the destroyed ship, demonstrating exceptional leadership abilities and abilities.

-2374 -Was deep selected for officer training.
-2375 -Defended San Fransisco from Breen Raid. Manned a small orbital defense installation with several other cadets.
-2376 -Graduated Starfleet Academy early.
-2376 -Trained in Starfleet Adv. Intelligence training
+2376 -Promoted from Officer Recruit to Ensign

-2376 -Transferred to Starfleet Intelligence *details CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET*
+2378 -Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
+2380 -Promoted to Lieutenant

-2382 -Transferred to USS Lincoln, assigned as the Executive Officer.
+2382 -Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

-2383 -Reassigned to Starfleet Internal Intelligence.

-2384 -Assigned to USS Iapetus as Chief Intelligence Officer.
+2384 -Promoted to Commander
-2385 -Assigned as USS Iapetus Executive Officer.