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Commander Jordan Gunning

Name Jordan Alexander Gunning

Position Chief of Security

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian/Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 174 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jordan is one for informalities. He is usually found with his tunic sleeves rolled up and a smile on his face. He feels that this gives him a more approachable demeanour. As with many people with El-Aurian blood, there is something about Jordan which puts people at ease immediately.


Father William Gunning
Mother Lea Gunning (nee Tahna)
Brother(s) Alexander Gunning (Commodore - Starbase 332, Galactic South) [Deceased]
Other Family Uncle: Herk'an Tahna of the El-Aurian Consulate.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jordan's attitude to his peers and others is centred around the trust that many instinctively feel in him. While many El-Aurians use their abilities to trick and con people, Jordan never took on the benefits of such actions. Instead he favours the more intuitive, caring elements of his people's teachings.

The manner in which Jordan deals with people is usually amicable and professional. He does have something of a withering streak, a trait that he has embraced much more since the death of his human half-brother who had been an influence on the young Gunning's sense of humour.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

  • Like most El-Aurians Jordan is an excellent listener.
  • Has experience in working out the solutions to problems.
  • Responds well & calmly to orders.
  • Thrives in extreme situations.


  • Is quick to anger.
  • Can over-react to situations.
  • Ambitions To stay aboard the USS Iapetus. Gunning's former goal of joining Starfleet Intelligence was put on the back-burner after the death of his brother and his attachment to the 'home' he felt like he had created aboard the Luna-class starship became one of the most important things in his life.
    Hobbies & Interests
  • Holonovels.
  • History.
  • Wine.
  • Languages Federation Basic, El-Aurian.

    Personal History Despite being born in New Berlin, Luna; Jordan has always felt more El-Aurian than human. At the age of ten he was inducted into the El-Aurian Scientific Academy but did not thrive under the pressure of living up to his mother's abilities as an a scientist. During this time he suffered from various disciplinary problems as well as several incidents involving his peers.

    At age 15 he resolved to join Starfleet and operate in the security field. At age 16 he moved to San Francisco to begin his training and instantly felt at home amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. He found the classes difficult but, without the distractions that he had felt on the El-Aurian homeworld, he managed to excel academically.

    He was selected for Nova Squadron as a Tactical presence for their drill running. His piloting skills were not up to scratch but his ability in guiding the fighters to their targets was undeniable. He completed his dissertation in early 2377 on the subject of 'Covert Security Investigation Techniques' - a subject he became very interested in during his final two years at the Academy.

    He graduated in 2377 with honours.

    After graduation he received orders to report to Starfleet Security where, by order of Admiral Ross who had been impressed with his dissertation, he was assigned to analyse intelligence regarding the re-arming of Cardassian military positions. He was, on numerous occasions, dispatched on missions into the Cardassian Empire. His efforts ensured that the Cardassians were unable to carry out any plans for re-arming.

    After 2 and a half years on Earth he was given his first deep space assignment aboard the USS Psiren, a Galaxy class vessel that had been suffering from a slump in crew morale. This had led to a great deal of violence and other forms of crime, unbecoming of a Starfleet crew. Jordan's investigations along with the work of counsellors and morale officers soon put a stop to that.

    Two years later he transferred aboard the famous Starbase 386 as the Assistant Chief Security Officer, where he met an intelligence agent by the name of Sara Archer. She was aloof but he was impressed by the way in which she conducted herself on the station and she more than stood out amongst the analysts and embittered old men serving in the Intel branch on the base. They were never particularly close with Jordan often noting that Archer seemed more focussed on her work than any personal relationships.

    During his time aboard Starbase 386, the then Lieutenant (JG) Gunning proved himself in battle and in internal security matters which led to him being recommended for Chief Tactical/Security Officer aboard USS Iapetus.

    Jordan was approached by then-Executive Officer of the Iapetus, Commander Peter Brown when awaiting transfer at Starbase Ronin. He allowed his trust in his superiors to cloud his scepticism of the situation he found himself in and ended up being complicit in the hijacking of the USS Lincoln, which was docked undergoing a refit. When he managed to board the Iapetus, he made it his goal to make sure that Brown was tracked down and brought to justice. Since Brown was assigned a role aboard the Iapetus after his trial, Jordan made it his business to both avoid and keep an eye on his superior officer, feeling betrayed by a man who was in a position of trust.

    Jordan Gunning was part of the away team which was imprisoned on the planet of Bevrudl but managed to, with the help of Lieutenant Commander Sara Archer, escape and turn the tables on the Bevrud who had taken them prisoner.

    Gunning was instrumental in the location of the Romulan Shrike-class vessel which was responsible for the destruction of the USS Marconi near Regulus.

    Upon the Iapetus' reassignment to the Delta Quadrant, Gunning was held captive with his apparent captivity partner Lieutenant Commander Sara Archer while trying to locate an informant known as Varro. Their fate seemed sealed as they lay rotting in a dark, dank cell on a pirate vessel until they were rescued by an excellent plan involving the Iapetus' shuttles.

    In 2388, Gunning's brother Alexander was killed when his station (Starbase 332) was bombed by terrorists.
    Service Record 2377 - Graduated Starfleet Academy. Commissioned as Ensign. Assigned to Starfleet Security as Intelligence Analyst.

    2380 - Transferred aboard USS Psiren as Security Investigation Officer.

    2382 - Transferred to Starbase 386 as Assistant Chief Security Officer with the rank of Lieutenant (JG).

    2385 - Transferred to Luna Class USS Iapetus as Chief Security & Tactical Officer with the rank of Lieutenant.

    2386 - Promoted to rank of Lieutenant Commander.

    2388 - Promoted to Commander and made Second Officer aboard the Iapetus.