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Lieutenant JG James Riller

Name James Peter Riller

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 7' 1"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Blond/Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description James Riller is a tall young man with combed tidy blonde/black hair and tight blue eyes. Underneath them, was a smart smiling smile that brightens up anyone's day when it is used.


Father Jonathan Riller
Mother Patricia Riller
Brother(s) George Riller, Tom Riller
Other Family Paul Gibson, Vanessa Gibson

Personality & Traits

General Overview James is a kind fellow and always does his best to do what he has to do. He considers it a chore to do other people's work but also calls it a helping hand to help wherever possible. He always shows respect to people and has a keen eye on what to do.
Strengths & Weaknesses James is the man in kindness, which is a strength that he has, to give out to people. If everyone did this, it would be a better place. James finds it easy to communicate, to work and to play, but boredom, patience and stress can sometimes be a problem. James tries his best to keep strong but he makes sure everyone his safe, this is sometimes a strength and sometimes a weakness. He is not the smartest person in the universe but always looks for a way out when needed.
Ambitions James has always wanted to be in Starfllet. His ambitions is to become a starfleet captain, but on the way, he gives his best devotion to his commanding officers
Hobbies & Interests James loves a bit of everything. A bit of sport, bit of board games, bit of food, bit of play.
Languages Fed Standard

Personal History James Riller was born 23rd May 2353 in England, with a nice family who all lived together in a lovely decorated detached bungalow. His mother Patricia, was the daughter of Vanessa and Paul Gibson, who both went into Starfleet for a new life and coming back at times. Patricia just wanted to stay on Earth, but she said to James , “I have a feeling that you should follow my parent’s footsteps and be a part of Starfleet”. From that day, when he was at an age he could understand, he knew what to do. From then on, he always looked at the sky and imagined himself up there just like his grandparents, maybe he’ll meet them.

2367, James was 14 years old and was studying from his grandfather’s old Starfleet books and couldn’t wait to go to the Academy and learn. Four years later, Grandpa Paul and Grandma Vanessa came back and retired from Starfleet. His grandfather said that he would of loved to stay but he was getting old now and wanted to come back home, but he promised a trip in his old ship USS Columbia to go to Deep Space 5 and for his friend to take him to the Academy and making sure he was ok.

At the age of 22, James finished Academy and was working on the USS Columbia under a different commander. He was an Ensign, but he was a shuttle pilot. It was fun for him to travel from ship to ship and ship to planet.

2377, he left the Columbia and went aboard the USS Artermis, as an Ensign on the Helm and he was the best they ever had.

Last years, he was 31, as a Lieutenant JG at the Helm on the USS Paladin. Before requesting a tranfer to the USS Sentinel. Then two years later, transferring to the Iapetus.
Service Record 2368 - Entered Starfleet Academy
2372 – Completed Starfleet Academy
2372 – Shuttle Pilot as Ensign on USS Columbia
2377 – Helmsman as Ensign on USS Artemis
2384 - Chief Helmsman as Lieutenant JG on USS Paladin
2384 - Transferred to USS Sentinel
2386 - Transferred to USS Iapetus