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Ensign Lucretia Rubelle

Name Lucretia Elvira Rubelle

Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 119 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A tall and lean woman of mixed European descent having naturally red hair which is kept relatively closely cropped as a necessity of her position. Her eyes are vivid blue and her skin though but lily white from long hours spent mid-ship away from solar sun-rays. She strikes a powerful figure and tends to be as liberal with the uniform code as she is able, detesting dress uniform for its lack of maneuverability and functionality.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jean-Marie Hugo
Mother Nakita Rubelle (Unwed)
Brother(s) Christophe
Sister(s) Jacquelyn
Other Family Grandmother- Effaeris

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lucy tends to be tenacious and aggressive approaching situations with emotional outbursts more often than with calm, analytical thought. She is highly reactionary and outgoing making friends quickly but also losing them with equal speed due to her impulsive nature. First impressions and her gut instincts have an undue weight on her perception of situations which also leads her to hasty resolutions.
Strengths & Weaknesses Fast thinking and clever she assesses and solves problem with great alacrity and clear decision making. This makes her excellent at Damage Control being able to respond to the situation with lightning speed. Her brash nature, however, can also get her into trouble sometimes missing subtleties that can complicate otherwise straight-forward circumstances. Her emotional nature also makes her both endearing as well as abrasive in interpersonal relationships.
Ambitions It is her plan to work her way up the Engineering hierarchy hoping to make Chief Engineer with time and someday to break through into starship design, or at least to have a model named after her.
Hobbies & Interests She has a hobby of playing with small motors including terrestrial vehicles, watercraft, and personal air and space craft. On a more refined note she has an extensive knowledge and appreciation of fine wine having grown up amongst the vineyards of France and has a romantic interest in French medieval history and Joan D'Arc, although is spotty on the actual history.

She is also independently studying Klingon with slow result.
Languages English (Exp), French (Exp), Klingon (Beg)

Personal History Born to a single mother in Saint-Julien, France living in a small cottage amidst the vineyards that once served as the carriage house for a declining wealthy family. She first learned about engines and motor repair from one of her mother's boyfriends, Claude, and by age sixteen was maintaining her own vehicle with relative proficiency. For two years she worked under the table assisting at terrestrial Aerospace hangars in Bordeaux and when she turned eighteen entered into the Academy on an Electro-Mechanical Engineering scholarship.

She received average marks in the Academy, further excelling at her mechanical aptitude focusing her studies upon critical starship systems and damage analysis. After graduating 13th in her class she was assigned to an Orbital station in Federation Space abutting Klingon Space where she learned a few phrases of the Klingon language whilst on leave. She worked there doing repairs and basic upkeep on the fighters, freighters, and transports that were housed on board the station. Following a shower of debris she was able to exercise her problem solving skills helping to chase down systems damaged by small, high-velocity fragments impacting the station.

Earning a letter of commendation from her Supervising Officer aboard the station she was reassigned to a Starfleet transport maintaining both the vessel and the machines and small craft that she carried.

Service Record 4 Years (18-22): Starfleet Academy, graduated with a 3.7 GPA
3 Years (22-25): Orbital Station Starship Maintenance Mechanic
2 Years (25-27): Engineering Officer, Starfleet Logistics Transport