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Lieutenant JG Winter Balmorra

Name Winter Balmorra

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 123 lbs
Hair Color Snow White
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Winter has the compextion of her name, pale, snow white hair and the grace of a falling snowfake. She has soft amber eyes that give her a warm and comforting glow and she tends to be a vibrant yet seculded woman. She is a physicly fit woman but only through running and takes little interest in actucal muscle building and has the strength of 95% that of a human Woman. She has a lithe fugure and is all in all a very attractive woman.


Spouse None
Father Tycho Balmorra
Mother Abigail Balmorra
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Winter is a warm and comforting person but some topics get her jostled up and her temper has been known to flare. She is a very open person and keeps her life an open book so to speek and is a great and honest indivdiual. She gets along well with everyone and is a calming presance.
Strengths & Weaknesses While a well rounded indivdual it is unknown what exactly she excells at though she is a more than capable doctor and diplomat.
Ambitions Has she told anyone??????????
Hobbies & Interests Winter loves diplomacy and is very open to new ideas on how to advance starfleet medical understanding.
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan, Romulan, Bajoran and a few others.

Personal History Winter was born on the prestine planet of Tyran IX, to Tycho Balmorra, an Artist and Abigail Balmorra, an Aide to the planet's delgate to the Federation council. Winter lead an unremarkable childhood, filled with Art, Culture and running through the grassy meadows of the hills in which she lived near. Her parents raised her in the Tyran tradition of peace and neautrality, something that she found quiet interesting. She was a calm and subbdued indivdual in social matters but wasnt antisocial so to speak, just a little quiet. She lead a cheerful childhood and her teen years were just as good to her, but didnt remain ignorant to those less fortunate than her.

Her father and mother were patrons of the arts and of charity and gave generously to the poor and the neady. This might be considered when Winter decided to join Starlfeet and help even more people.

Winter was an unremarkable Cadet in class, but excelled in every subject but security and found basic weapon's training and helm, both frustrating and boresome.

Upon graduating from the Academy, Winter applied to starlfeet medical acadmey and graduated third in her class. She took a job a starfleet medical as deputy medical instructor and later transfered to the USS Ganymede. After a two year stint on the Ganymede's medical department Winter was trasnfered to the USS Iapetus on the grounds that they needed a good Medical officer and an instructor of sorts for the Cadets onboard. Her new assignment, coinsiding with her 29th birthday, was a big occasion for Dr. Balmorra. She would be a CMO and and instructor again, all in one on the Deep Space Explorer she had desired to serve on.
Service Record Template= Posting, Time Duration, (Age) Postion, Rank

Starfleet Academy, 2374-2378, (18-22) Student, Cadet
Starfleet Medical Academy, 2378-2382, (22-26) Student, Cadet
Starfleet Medical, 2382-2383, (26-27) Medical Instructor, Ensign
USS Ganymede, 2383-2385, (27-28) Assistant Medical Officer, LT JG
USS Iapetus, 2385-Present, (29-) Chief Medical Officer, LT JG