Lieutenant JG Jordyn Chase

Name Jordyn Chase

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 124 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jordyn Chase is a well built young woman, her physic was a derivative from her early life labouring helping an her parents in their relief efforts of newly rising colonies both inside and outside of the federation.

Jordyn tended to get lumbered with the majority of the manual work. This gave her the mentality to get stuck into work, she enjoyed helping out purely for the praise and positive attitudes from others towards her. She also became ambidextrous with age.


Father Richard
Mother Mary

Personality & Traits

General Overview Doctor Chase uses her gruff manner as if it were another of Her medical tools. Realizing early on in her career that the medical crew of a starship respond better to orders than suggestions, in both general activities and in the operating theatre. She took great care to cultivate her appearance and manner as a woman who expects to be obeyed, while still remaining soft giving the bitter sweet combination of both Doctor and Woman. Underneath it all is a woman more than willing to laugh, joke and play. She enjoys the constant mental and physical challenges that come with maintaining the health and well being of Starfleet crew.
Strengths & Weaknesses Quick witted, brilliant within her own field and with over 4 years of field work and research projects under her belt Doctor Chase has gained a reputation as one of the most competent onboard doctors in Starfleet. She feels confident approaching new problems and can usually draw on something from her past to aid the current situation, failing that she draws from the experience of those she has around her, constantly aware that. Aware that medicine has taken great strides in the last two decades, the doctor works hard to keep herself up to date on the latest treatments and techniques coming out of Starfleet Medical, as well as the more unorthodox methods from other medical practices. One of her weaknesses can sometimes be defined as a strength, she works with things that work, just because Starfleet refuses to acknowledge a treatment, whereas she beliefs that if it works then it should be allowed and can and has gone out of her way to treat a patient, usually to her own expense career wise but she never lost a patient without trying everything that was in her power, and that meant unlike others, she could sleep well at night. Her greatest weakness would be that Her gruff personality usually makes Her patients anxious about their first few visits to Her sickbay, and can sometimes put crew members off entirely; her bedside manner lacks the delicate social touch that others would use, she prefers getting the job done, and doing it right and if that means putting a patient in their place then that’s exactly what she does.
Ambitions Chase plans on serving for another decade or so aboard a starship before applying for a teaching position at Starfleet Academy's Medical Division.
Hobbies & Interests Jordyn has a pronounced ironic sense of humour, and is often found questioning orders from her superiors. She is somewhat of a flirt, and has the habit of hitting on most of the men she comes across. Jordyn allows herself a few vices in her off hours such as joining Her fellow crew members in a night of cards and gambling or the wild parties when docked, Jordyn has one major weakness, and that is men. She finds someone she feels attractive and hones in on them, she enjoys the thrill of the ‘chase’ more than the intimacy, this makes her the butt of a lot of jokes. She can sometimes snap at these seeing how she spends her life saving other peoples lives, she should be able to enjoy herself and what does it matter how she does it? To keep herself fit he enjoys aerobics, jogging and swimming. Jordyn shows a dislike for team sports. He makes sure to keep up Her correspondence with friends and family back on Earth, specifically Her aging mother. He also enjoys listening to a wide variety of music but has never found the time to learn to play an instrument of Her own.
Languages Federation Basic

Personal History Born and raised on Earth, Jordyn Chase spent her early years romping up and down the country side of Virginia. her family had a farm while his father worked as the local veterinarian. Jordyn grew up learning to assist her father with basic veterinary techniques but traded in animals for people when she joined her mother on a Starfleet humanitarian mission. Doctor Chase graduated 3nd in her class of 246 students, after dedicating her studies heavily towards "frontier" medicines. On her graduation Doctor Chase spent the majority of her career moving from ship to ship. she served aboard over 20 ships in under 3 years, blasé approach to medicine rules and her over active sense of quelling illnesses caused many of a ship captain to reluctantly let her go Although a reputation for reading between the lines and tearing up the general box of thought, Doctor Chase is the best of her field and most of her patients will swear by her.

One such patient was the Medical Director, he had been involved in a turbo lift malfunction and suffered mass deceleration, after a life saving operation performed by chase, the only available doctor he noted that “although emotionally detached from her patient’s doctor Jordyn Chase is in her prime and at the peak of her field constantly pushing the boundaries” After that moment all barriers that seemed to be in her path seemingly vanished overnight, she reached a stable position on a Starbase as medial researcher and chief surgeon. She advanced up the medical chain until she was promoted to chief medical officer. Along with the promotion came a new assignment the USS Minoru. Unfortunately, her tour did not last long as she was recalled for work elsewhere with a ship that has a more active mission assignments due forth.