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Lieutenant Commander Sara Archer

Name Sara Marie Archer

Position Chief of Security

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Sara has long auburn hair that she usually keeps in a ponytail. She has pale, slightly freckled skin. She looks deceptively frail with her tall, slender frame.


Father Commander Kevin Archer (deceased)
Mother Lt. Commander Erica Archer (deceased)
Other Family Jennifer McClellan, aunt

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sara is rather quiet when it comes to social situations. Her nature is to observe, rather than participate. Her past is very private to her, and she tends not to divulge more information than is required.

She is very dedicated to getting the job done, no matter what the cost.
Strengths & Weaknesses Because of her training as an intelligence operative, she is well versed in multiple languages and fighting techniques. She has received commendations for marksmanship, and is trained in multiple forms of hand-to-hand combat. She is also trained in stealth and decryption. She has been known to use the Vulcan nerve pinch when necessary.

Despite all of her strengths, her greatest weakness is that she prefers to work alone. Despite serving in Starfleet for fourteen years, most of her work is with classified information and infiltration. When tasked with working in groups, she often has a difficult time interacting with her colleagues, and often chooses to keep her sentiments towards them strictly professional. She sees friendships as a weakness, and because of this finds it difficult to make friends.
Ambitions Because both of her parents were killed in the line of duty, she has dedicated her self to being able to prevent deaths. Through using information recovered through various means, she hopes to give Starfleet and the Federation a great advantage over her enemies to prevent unnecessary deaths. She has dedicated herself to her work, and only aspires to be the best at her job.
Hobbies & Interests Sara tends to keep her work first, with hobbies a distant second. However, she has been known to try various methods of unwinding, especially when memories of her past start to resurface. She often spends time in the holodeck running training exercises. The focus and adrenaline keeps her mind away from places she doesn't want to be. During her time at the Academy, she was known to be an avid sailor, and would often take a boat out alone reflect on her thoughts. She found the crisp ocean air soothing during a complicated time of her life. She has recently discovered that her new favorite drink is a Glaapian Fireheart.
Languages Federation Standard, Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian, Ferengi, Vulcan, Andorian


Sara Marie Archer was born on Stardate 25858 (April 2, 2348), daughter of Starfleet Commander Kevin and Lieutenant Erica Archer. She spent much of her early life moving from assignment to assignment. In 2351, Kevin Archer was assigned to a starbase near Tholian territory as strategic operations officer. Because of the recent Tholian aggressive stance, Erica and young Sara were assigned to the USS Yamaguchi. Unfortunately, the starbase was destroyed by a Tholian attack in 2353. Only Kyle Riker survived the attack.

Erica and Sara continued their lives aboard the Yamaguchi for the next several years. Erica was initally assigned as chief operations officer. In 2364, she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and given the position of executive officer. They continued to live together on the Yamaguchi until 2366, when Sara enrolled in Starfleet Academy. Erica stayed aboard the Yamaguchi, and helped lead the ship into battle against the Borg at Wolf 359 in early 2367. All hands were lost when the ship was destroyed in the battle.

After the loss of her second parent, Sara found it difficult to maintain relationships. After losing so many loved ones, she became quiet and introverted during her time at the Academy. She was supported by her aunt, Jennifer McClellan, during her time on Earth, but even her relationship with Sara was strained. While she excelled in the Academy's operations program, Sara didn't really feel like that was what she was meant to do. She had always wondered how her life could have been different had she had prior knowledge of the events that killed her parents.

In 2370, she was given her chance to make a difference. Towards the end of her spring semester of her senior year at the Academy, Sara was approached regarding admittance into Starfleet's Intelligence program. Because of the way she had excelled in her classes while maintaining her quiet nature, she was considered excellent material for the intelligence program. She accepted, and completed the program as an ensign in 2372. Her first assignment was to the USS Rutledge.


For the next several years, Sara served as an intelligence officer. She held an active role during the counterattack against the Klingon forces in the Archanis Sector. During a covert mission, Sara infiltrated a Klingon facility in order to sabotage their communications network. Upon success of the mission, the Federation fleet routed the Klingons and retook the sector. She continued her work as an operative during the Dominion War. Assigned to Starbase 375, she served under Admiral Ross, conduction infiltration missions in various locations throughout the conflict, including destruction of ketracel-white factories. She also served as an analyst, and helped examine intelligence on the Dominion fleet that led to Captain Benjamin Sisko's plan for Operation Return. During the war, Sara grew to be much less of an introvert, even leading to establishing relationships with her fellow operatives.



In mid 2375, Sara was assigned to an important mission deep into Cardassian territory in the Torga System, along with fellow Starfleet operative and close friend Ensign Allen Morgan. The mission would have recovered critical information regarding Dominion fleet operations, and could have possibly brought about an early Alliance victory. However, during the operation on Torga IV, Sara discovered that Morgan had been disclosing military secrets to the Dominion for some time. He tried to betray Archer to the Jem'Hadar, but she was able to escape and confront Morgan. In the resulting confrontation, Morgan was killed, but not before his last supply of information could be sent to Cardassia Prime. It was not known at the time, but the information packet contained details on Federation power signatures and shield harmonics, allowing the Breen to develop an energy dampening weapon just prior to the Second Battle of Chin'toka. A formal inquiry was conducted in response to Morgan's death, but because of his treason he was considered an enemy combatant. Although regrettable, it was determined that his death was unavoidable, and Archer was exonerated from her actions. Following the operation, Sara retreated back into her shell, choosing to isolate herself from her colleagues. Details of Morgan's betrayal remain classified.


Following the end of the war, Sara was promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, and assigned to the USS Intrepid In 2379, she served on the analyst team that planned the counterattack against the Remans as part of Battle Group Omega. Despite all the preparation, the battle plan was not needed following the Enterprise's victory against the Reman vessel. She continued to serve on the Intrepid until 2382, when she was assigned to Starbase 386 as an intelligence officer for Task Force 22. She completed the Bridge Officer Exam the same year.

In 2384, Sara was promoted to full Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Carthage as chief intelligence officer. Following the thwarted attempted coup by the Ferengi organization True Alliance, she was made department head of the Carthage's mission advisory department thanks to her efforts planning the Irtok operation. During an operation to uncover information on the Vinarian Syndicate, Sara was assigned on an undercover mission to a conference in the Gambi system. While on route, her shuttle was attacked and she was forced to crash land on Kalax V, and Sara suffered a broken leg. She and her passenger, Lt. Ignatz Jones, both survived and were rescued by the Carthage after a brief firefight with a Syndicate search party. She was promoted to Lieutenant Commander following her return to the Carthage.


In early 2385, Sara was reassigned back into the field. Her orders were to infiltrate the planet Bevrud and establish herself as a local. Her mission was to investigate Elyshan involvement in the planet's politics, namely the isolationist organization Shintaka. After discovering the capture of the away team from the USS Iapetus, Archer infiltrated the Shintaka prison and rescued the team. She enlisted the help of the away team to complete her mission on Bevrudl, to eliminate the threat to Federation security.


Follow completion of her mission, she was assigned to the USS Iapetus as chief intelligence officer.
Service Record 2366 Enrolled in Starfleet Academy, focusing on starship operations.

2370 Graduated Starfleet Academy.
2370 Promoted to Ensign and selected for Starfleet Intelligence training program.

2372 Completed Intelligence Program.
2372 Assigned to USS Rutledge as intelligence officer.

2373 Aided counterattack against Klingon forces in the Archanis sector

2374 Assigned to Starbase 375 to conduct operations during the Dominion War.


2376 Promoted to Lieutenant, JG.
2376 Assigned to USS Intrepid.

2379 Part of Battle Group Omega deployed in Sector 1045 to combat Reman threat to Federation.

2382 Took 'Bridge Officer Exam.'
2382 Assigned to Starbase 386 as an intelligence officer for Task Force 22.

2384 Promoted to Lieutenant.
2384 Assigned to USS Carthage as chief intelligence officer.

2385 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
2385 Assigned to USS Iapetus as chief intelligence officer.