Duty Shifts

Created by Captain Vorn Krace on Sun Jan 22nd, 2012 @ 2:37am

Duty Station
Alpha Shift
0700hrs - 1500hrs
Beta Shift
1500hrs - 2300hrs
Gamma Shift
2300hrs - 0700hrs
Bridge Command First Officer First Officer Second Officer/Duty Officer
Flight Control Chief Flight Control Officer Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer Flight Control Officer
Tactical Chief Security/Tactical Officer Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer Tactical Officer
Operations Chief Operations Officer Assistant Chief Operations Officer Operations Officer
Engineering Engineer* Engineer* Engineer*
Science *Manned when needed* *Manned when needed* *Manned when needed*
Department Station
Shuttlebay Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer Flight Control Officer Flight Control Officer
Engineering Chief Engineering Officer Assistant Chief Engineering Officer Engineering Officer
Security Assistant Chief Security Officer Chief Security Officer Security Officer
Sickbay Chief Medical Officer Assistant Chief Medical Officer Medical Officer

*Station only manned when needed

  • 'Duty Officer' refers to whomever the Commanding or Executive Officer assigns at that period's duty officer.
  • Please note, that when a position is not filled, another member of crew (or an NPC) will take their duty shift.
  • A Department head may assume the duty shift of any of their subordinates at any time, provided they are either not needed elsewhere or have assigned someone else to cover for them. All Department Heads will be at Alpha Shift duty stations during Yellow and Red alert.
  • The Captain is considered to always be on-duty, and may relieve anyone of bridge command and take command himself at any time.
  • The First Officer may assign a duty officer to command the bridge at any time during their active shifts if they are required elsewhere.