The USS Iapetus is rated PG16+, and as such nobody under 16 years of age may join the crew due to Child Protection Laws and due to the content which will be posted on this site.

All posts must be acceptable for this age range, and no overly mature content is allowed. Any content which is deemed by the sim's command staff to be overly mature will result in the writer of the post receiving a warning, followed by a strike if similar posts are made.

Post Quality and Quantity

Every member of the USS Iapetus must post at least once every two weeks. Senior Staff (i.e. Department Heads) are preferred to post at least once a week, but this standard is not compulsory if you cannot manage to match it. Consistent failure to match the posting requirements may result in the loss of your position and/or rank. If for some reason you cannot manage these posting standards, talk with me about it and we can come to an arrangement. Otherwise, the only exception to this rule is if you have filed an LOA or ELOA.

All mission posts must be of at least 150 words long, with personal logs a minimum of 75 words, and in prose (story) format.

All posts must be in 3rd person (replace "I" with "Bob") and past-tense (replace "I am" with "Bob did this"). The only exception to this is in personal logs and dialogue or monologue (speech).

British English is the standard language of this sim, and all posts must follow English grammar rules and be of a high quality. No 'leet' or 'text-speak' is permitted on this ship.

The Crew

All crew members must be treated with equal respect. If an officer is blatantly disrespectful, action will be taken, and may be in the form of a strike. OOC threats will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and will result in an immediate ban from the sim.

The Strike Policy can be found in the Database.

And the final rule: Have fun!