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As the Iapetus takes on new crew to replace those who followed newly-promoted Captain Walex to his new command, Captain Krace receives new orders for the ship to chart the region of the Pelora Formation and beyond. The only specified stop that the ship is ordered to undertake is their first one; a visit to Morex, to check on the state of the Morexian's planetary shield grid, and provide assistance if deemed necessary to the continued survival of life on the Morexian Homeworld.

Part of Season 3

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"Docked" is a mini-mission, bridging the gap between the USS Lincoln and the handover to the USS Iapetus

Part of Season 1

Dark Discoveries

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As the crew of the Iapetus set out to inspect a Dark Matter Nebula, they find more in store for them than they had initially bargained for...

Part of Season 1

Into a Devil's Heart

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As the Executive Officer started acting strangely on the last mission, the Captain became worried about his performance. But the Captain's concern is taken to a whole new level when his First Officer steals their old ship...

Part of Season 1

Borderline Diplomacy

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The Bevrudl have long been devoted separatists, but now that they're in the middle of a potential cross-fire situation with the Federation and the Elyshans, they're keen to seek some form of protection. As Captain Krace of the Iapetus is sent to negotiate a deal with the local government, the situation becomes more complicated than the crew were first led to believe, leading up to a most shocking turn of events...

Part of Season 1

Shadows Fall

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The debut mission of the USS Iapetus in Bravo Fleet's Task Force 38, Captain Krace and his crew will have three months to prepare themselves for the Delta Quadrant as they make their journey to the Union Gateway. However, their long road trip will not be quite as uneventful as they all originally thought...

The USS Iapetus has been reassigned to Bravo Fleet and after leaving Earth, finds herself passing close to the Regula system. The vessel is hailed by the Nova class science vessel USS Marconi which has been assigned to conduct further research on the Genesis project, for furthering the effectiveness of more conventional terraforming projects. It has been many decades since station Regula 1 was scuttled and disassembled, but research into what Dr. Marcus and her team were working on have continued on-and-off ever since, albeit on a smaller scale.

Upon rendezvousing with the Marconi, Captain Kaldor informs the Iapetus that they have detected a few anomalous readings in the sector which appear to have nothing to do with their research. Early reports from the Marconi suggest that it could be a vessel of some sort and Kaldor asks Krace to help them investigate. It is at that moment that an explosion rips through the hull of the Marconi, causing the hull to breach in a number of vital areas. The Marconi is lost and the crew of the Iapetus are forced to listen helplessly as the comm channel remains open. Just as the final explosion rips through the hull of the science vessel, Lt. Commander Valera detects a slight fluctuation in subspace, beginning a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

Part of Season 2

The Fate of the Swiftsure

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As the USS Iapetus makes its entrance into The Round Table, Starfleet send her and her crew on a mission into treacherous territory to seek out an information broker who has started feeding them false data. Has he been coerced? Has he turned sides, or is he still loyal to the Federation? The crew must be extra vigilant as they go searching for answers in the Drekasta system.

Part of Season 2

Heart of an Explorer

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The USS Iapetus is ordered on a six month exploration cruise, out past the range of any previous Federation exploration to date. But when they discover a burgeoning, just-warp-capable society in need, they make some rather disturbing discoveries.

Part of Season 2

Renewed Beginnings

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As the crew of the Iapetus begin to get back to work preparing for their first mission back in the Alpha Quadrant, they notice that a few changes have been going on whilst they've been away on shoreleave.

Once they set out on their newest mission - a simple test of their systems at the McAllister C-5 Nebula - they run into some unexpected trouble from an old enemy who they all thought had been turned into a friend.

Part of Season 3 (Scrapped)