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New Mission!

Posted on Thu Dec 17th, 2009 @ 4:51pm by Captain Vorn Krace

OK all, as you can now see, I have started off our new mission, "Borderline Diplomacy". This is a Story Arc Mission that I've spend a lot of time with Ambassador Ocal working on, and so I'm really excited about it, and I hope we can really pull this off well.

"Borderline Diplomacy" takes place one month after our last mission (a slight update from the previous count, which was two months), in the month of May, 2386. We have this specific month to play in because the Battle of Altorus - the Joint Mission that set out a major plot point of the fleet story arc, and part of the background for our current mission - to read more on the Battle, you can find all the information here;

For now, please keep on working on those posts I can see you all have in the works from the last mission - they will still be posted, and will count as 'backposts' - so don't think that just because we're onto a new mission, you have to stop them all. Please though, let's try and get all of these out as soon as possible, before Christmas preferably =)

I'll be starting a series of Joint Posts shortly which will help us all get stuck into this new mission, and I encourage you all to get some solo posts out as well; you can post at any point during Mission Day 1, either as we're approaching Starbase 386, or after we've docked (which was around 1800). The mission briefing will take place on MD02, and as I said, I'll be starting that JP shortly.

Now, I will of course be a bit more lenient in terms of posting over the holiday period, but I would be very grateful if you will keep on hopping on and doing some posting when you get the time, between visiting friends and family and stuffing your faces with turkey. Let's go into the New Year with a good amount of momentum, eh? =D


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