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Annual Award Nomination Information!

Posted on Fri Feb 5th, 2010 @ 1:30pm by Captain Vorn Krace


The time has come for our annual awards.

Annual Awards include: CO of the Year, XO of the Year, Character of the Year, Simm of the Year, and Post of the Year. These awards are given out once per year on (or around) the Fleet's Anniversary, February 20th.

-Simm/Post of the Year candidates shall be the winners of Simm/Post of the Month throughout the year (as long as the ship is still active with the CO at the time it was awarded SotM or at least 1 character from the PotM is still on the ship). In addition, any ship that has been in HF for at least 1 month may submit up to 1 additional post from anytime throughout the past year as a nomination. Similarly, should the TF 22 or TF 42 staff (TFCO & TGCOs) wish to nominate a simm that has not gotten SotM in the past year but has done very well/made significant contributions, each TF may select one (TF staff: Please submit a brief description of why you feel the simm is deserving, much like the ones you'd give for SotM).

-XO/Character of the Year shall be nominated by COs. CO of the Year may be nominated by any Fleet member (exception: as a CO you cannot nominate yourself). CO/XO/Character of the Year nominations should also include a written explanation (and possibly a sample post) of why the nominee is deserving. **Please limit your explanation to 200-250 words. Explanations longer than this shall be edited**

All nominations should be sent to the DPA Director (dpa[at] between now and February 10th. A list of candidates (and explanations) for each award shall be compiled by the DPA Director and submitted to the FC and COs for consideration.

Polls will be opened for each award on February 13th that shall last for seven days to choose the recipient by simple majority (51%). In the event of a tie, a three day poll shall be opened to choose a winner. If the first and second polls result in a tie, both shall be declared winners.

In the next day or two, I'll compile a list of PotM & SotM winners.

Any questions, please ask.

Thank you,

Vice Admiral Kailani Livian
DPA Director
Horizon Fleet


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