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February Awards

Posted on Fri Mar 5th, 2010 @ 7:28pm by Captain Vorn Krace

Sorry they're a little delayed, folks, but here are the awards for the month of February aboard the Iapetus:

Crew's Choice Award: The poll on the forums resulted in a tie between Vorn Krace, Peter Brown, and Sara Archer - with the XO casting the tie-breaker vote, the award goes this month to Vorn Krace.

Newcomer's Award: Sara Archer
LCdr Archer has impressed me with her writing in our JPs (which unfortunately most of you can't see currently, as they're waiting for the ship-side crew to catch up), and her creative writing style. Congratulations, Commander.

XO's Merit Award: Lucas Jameson
Mister Jameson has managed to impress the XO this month with his writing skills on the sim, and thus has been granted this merit award for February. Congratulations!

CO's Merit Award: Acle Walex
Commander Walex has been immensely helpful so far in making this mission progress; leading the ship-side elements of the mission whilst I'm on the surface. Without his help, my job would be a lot harder.

Stay tuned for more awards next month.


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