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URL Change & My Absense this week

Posted on Fri Apr 2nd, 2010 @ 8:39pm by Captain Vorn Krace

All, firstly I wanted to apologise for my absense this week. For some reason, my phone line went dead on Monday (I assume it may have something to do with the JCB that was digging up stuff out the front of the house), and today has been my first opportunity to get online since then. I'm doing my best to get caught up with everything as soon as possible, and will start moving along with the mission again as quick as I am able.

Now, onto the main matter of this news item; our soon-to-be-former hosting provider,, has requested that we move our website elsewhere. As such, until such a time when I can get my hands on a more appropriate domain name, I would like everyone to start using instead of our original address,

Please note, this does not mean the Iapetus is going into Pegasus Fleet. It is just the simplest option for me to host our site on this domain until I can find a new domain name for us.

The databases used for both sites are identical (indeed, our kersare site is currently running off a database hosting on the pegasusfleet provider), so all posts, user accounts, private messages, and so on should be exactly as they were over there.

Please ensure that you update your bookmarks or whatever you use to keep track of what sites you need to visit as soon as you can, as it is not likely our site will remain up on for very long.

Vorn Krace
CO, USS Iapetus


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