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Mission Discussion

Posted on Sun May 23rd, 2010 @ 5:31pm by Captain Vorn Krace


As we are drawing very, very near the conclusion of this mission now, I want the input of each and every one of you for ideas for our next mission. I have discussed it with a few members of our new fleet to get some ideas from those who know the area we'll be travelling through, and their suggestions have been put up on the forums.

I'd prefer it if each of you could try and get into our IRC channel as much and as often as you can (#USSIapetus on the DarkMyst server, or just hit the 'Iapetus Chat' link on the side of the main page) so that we can all discuss amongst us live our ideas, and bounce those ideas off of each other. Alternatively, if you can't manage that or nobody is on IRC while you are, you can of course post your input on the forums (I'll also be posting all IRC logs up on the forums, so we can all read what goes on during these discussions)

I'm really anxious and excited to get onto a new mission, and hopefully we'll be onto it by Wednesday, so let's all get discussing! :D


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Category: Out of Character