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Task Force Group Play

Posted on Wed Jun 9th, 2010 @ 6:45pm by Captain Vorn Krace


In our new Task Force currently there are some ideas hovering around and being put down to paper about involving the characters more with each other within the Task Force. The current prevailant one is what I'll simply refer to as 'Group Play', for the moment.

The idea behind Group Play is to have the crew members interested in such to come together on a centralised set of forums, and write with other members of the task force to create a little story and game which would go on top of this, our primary game. Each department would, hopefully, have its own plot extend out of the basic concept, which is that of a series of conferences being held on SB900.

What I've been asked to do currently, is inform you all of the opportunity, and find out how many of you would be interested in such - the whole crew doesn't have to participate, so it can be as many or as few of us as you like, and it won't necessarily have any effect on our main storyline.

So, if you could all shoot me an email, PM, or message in some way letting me know if you'd be interested, I'll be able to compile a list :)

Capt. Krace


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