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Moving Up in the World

Posted on Thu Jul 1st, 2010 @ 10:57am by Captain Vorn Krace


You may be pleased to discover that, after only a short time of about three months with the fleet, Rear Admiral S'iraa (our Task Force CO) has decided to appoint me the new commander of Task Group Cochrane. I've always admired those that have been granted TGCO positions before, even though I was ineligible due to being HF's Academy Director previously, and so I hope to make the most of this opportunity, and help work with the TGCOs in the Group to make it one of the best in the fleet.

What does that mean for us? Well, our missions won't really change much, and Vorn's new status may only be referenced in passing every now and then, but it does mean that we now need to set an example. As TGCO, I need to make sure that my sim is something that the other COs in Cochrane can look up to, and draw inspiration on. So please, help me out with this by making that extra push to be as active as you can, and to write posts as detailed and interesting as you can.

Capt. Krace


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Category: Fleet News