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I'm Back & Manifest Cleanup

Posted on Sun Nov 21st, 2010 @ 10:25pm by Captain Vorn Krace

Apologies for not being able to notify you, but I had to go on a rather short notice business trip this past week, and was unable to get internet access for anything other than to check my emails (which don't show on my phone by the way if sent through the SMS site).

However, I'm back now, and we'll be pushing ahead with the mission and the posts. What you'll most likely notice though as you log in to be all active and posting and jazz, is that our manifest looks a little bit shorter as of today. That is because I have removed a few members, who shall go unnamed, who have either notified me they don't have the time or who I have deemed to be inactive for a prolonged period (months) without me being able to get in contact with them.

In the next two weeks, I'll be doing further cleaning of the manifest, to make sure that those people in key positions are active and contributing, so that if they aren't, we can recruit someone for their position who will. If you all want to continue simming here on the Iapetus, I recommend you all make sure that you're being active here =)


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Category: Sim Announcement