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A little over the top...

Posted on Sun Jul 10th, 2011 @ 12:41am by Captain Vorn Krace

Some time ago, I started work redeveloping our sim's pages on the Bravo Fleet Wiki. My initial plan was to wiki-fy their content and structure as much as I could, making their entries appear much more like an article from Memory Alpha than a simming database.

This rather rapidly led to me deciding that Vorn's bio needed a severe update, and so I set about re-writing the entire thing; including more information from his childhood, his personal life, and more information on each of his assignments, and each of the major events in his life since taking command of the USS Lincoln.

Unfortunately... it seems I rather got carried away... Vorn's bio went from about 2000 words strong to almost 8000 words in length, and took me quite a lot of time, editing little bits of it on and off. Needless to say, it became quite long :P

I am however quite proud of it, and whilst I haven't had time to transfer it onto the ship's site yet, I would like to point it all out to you as a bit of a boast :)

So, here it is, proof that I have no life :P


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Category: Out of Character