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Captain on Leave

Posted on Mon Jul 18th, 2011 @ 9:43pm by Captain Vorn Krace


I'll be going on leave tomorrow for the first of this year's set of family holidays, this one to Malta, followed by a brief trip to Hungary for the Grand Prix there. In total, I'll be out for about 2 weeks, and will be back around the 2nd or 3rd of August. Commander Walex is in charge whilst I'm away, and I can assure you all that you are in very capable hands. Please show the same effort in your posting and activity to him whilst I am away that you have done in the last two weeks. We're on track for one of our best months this year with 37 mission posts already (last month, our best of this year so far we had 55 over the full month). Let's see if we can't do the same for the next two weeks' worth of posting, eh?

A post between myself and commanders Walex and Gunning will be posted up shortly that will set us up as having reached Drekasta, and starting our task of searching for Varro. Please take the opportunity, as always, to do character development posts and get your character involved in life aboard the ship - there are probably plenty of crew members that you've likely not interacted with yet, so I'm sure you could do with some interaction with them. Commander Walex will be directing the mission posts while I'm away.

Take care guys, and I'll see you in a couple of weeks.
Captain Vorn Krace
Commanding Officer
USS Iapetus


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Category: Out of Character