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Mission Breakdown

Posted on Sun Aug 14th, 2011 @ 2:55pm by Captain Vorn Krace

OK, so a brief breakdown of what everybody is doing after the Commence Operations post (for those too lazy to re-read it :P)

Doctor Valdez, Counsellor Lynn, Commander Walex and Lieutenant Drex are for the moment staying with the Iapetus. Feel free to be a bit flexible with this though; if something comes up that you think your character would want to investigate within the asteroid field (one of Drex's probes needing to be fixed or investigated or something? Perhaps something that seems fairly minor but that you've got a hunch about?), then feel free to get them to pair up with somebody (could even be an NPC - I've an NPC shuttlepilot ready for use if need be, for example) and go out and have a look at it. I may even do the same with Vorn at some point.

Lieutenants Cook and Hamson are out patrolling the immediate vicinity. Feel free to play about with that; some minor incidents and such that you may come across or find interesting. Don't forget, we're not here to police this system, but you're there to keep the Iapetus safe and alert.

Commanders Archer, Gunning and Lieutenant Rogan are heading over to the station to begin searching for leads on Mr. Varro. The station police may or may not be willing to help you, feel free to play with that.


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