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Now Hiring - TF Newsletter Editor

Posted on Wed Sep 21st, 2011 @ 1:58am by Captain Vorn Krace

Good lads and ladies, Task Force 38 has an immediate opening for TF Newsletter Editor. It's a great job with no benefits and little-to-no pay (mostly the latter) but one that keeps the Task Force informed of what's going on around the Delta Quadrant! It also gives a great up-close look at several of the simms so that everyone can get to know them a bit better.

The first (and only) newsletter is located HERE ( so you'll know what has been done. No, you don't have to copy it directly, but the overall TF38 theme must survive. It is to be a quarterly newsletter so there is plenty of time in between each publishing to gather information.

Do you have what it takes? Are you interested but have further questions? Email me at tf38 @ (yeah, just take out the spaces...).

Rear Admiral Ricky Wegener
Task Force 38, Commanding


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Category: Fleet News