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We're Getting Close!

Posted on Mon Jan 9th, 2012 @ 10:54pm by Captain Vorn Krace


The end of our current mission is nearly upon us, which is good news for those of you eager to move on, but those of you who have not yet sent me a message need to hurry up if you want to keep your place here!

I'm still waiting to hear from the following people:

CPO Naera Dantius
LTJG Martin Cook
ENS Alistair Ross
PO1 Donald McTaggart
LTJG C'trk Dzan

If you guys don't send me a message or contribute to a JP soon, then as per my previous news item, you will lose your places here on the ship's manifest, and it will go to new crew who will be more active.


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Category: Sim Announcement