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Decision to Make

Posted on Tue Jan 17th, 2012 @ 10:16pm by Captain Vorn Krace

OK all, we've got a little decision to make.

I've been playing around today, and I have managed to pretty well re-create the Iapetus' default (and I think, distinctive) skin in Nova, the system which replaced SMS for general sim websites, posting, etc etc. Now, since Nova has been out two years now, and SMS is no longer officially supported by Anodyne, I think it might be time we upgraded, especially since the fact that we had such a distinctive SMS skin was about the only excuse I'd been giving to people when asked 'why haven't you upgraded' for the past two years.

Overall, there'll be a relatively small change to the way you guys see and use the site; the way of adding authors into a post has changed a bit, you can link multiple characters/npcs to one user account and post from any of them (particularly handy with NPCs, I must say), and the layout of the site (what is where) will change slightly. I think that's about it from the general usage end.

But, since it is all of us who use this site to play this game, I want to get a quick check from you guys as to who is for or against this move. Obviously if too many people want to stay away from Nova and keep with SMS, then we'll stay as we are. If not many of you really mind, then I'll get the upgrade sorted out.

So, email back and let me know.


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Category: Website Update