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Moving Ahead

Posted on Thu Oct 18th, 2012 @ 7:50pm by Captain Vorn Krace

OK all, I'm hoping that after a bit of a slow summer, we can try to move onwards now towards a conclusion of this mission. "Best Laid Plans" went out yesterday, which was the main 'briefing' post of sorts for our next steps. Just to recap, assignments are thus:

Commander Walex will be leading efforts (with the science and medical teams, along with engineering) in setting up a makeshift secure lab facility on the surface. We'll also likely need flight control assistance in getting the materials to the surface.

Commander Gunning and his security department will be providing security for this facility (in enviro suits) and for any other surface trips

Counsellor Lynn will be floating around the medical and science personnel inside this facility and trying to get a better picture of how this is affecting the populace.

Bear in mind, all of those taking part in that aspect of the mission will need to be aware of the fact that the population may not be too keen to be taken into a laboratory run by advanced aliens they've only just learnt about, and there'll likely be a fair bit of fear going on, coupled with the already existing emotions caused by this virus.

Myself and Commander Archer will be going to the facilities of the locals and trying to see what information they have already and seeing if we can figure out the root cause of the virus - this will likely be the prime part of the mission that the secret operative on the planet (whom you've seen a couple of posts off) will be trying to covertly disrupt.

All other personnel I'd like to be portraying what the ongoing life is like aboard the ship - remember that we're quite a way away from the nearest Federation outpost, so there might be feelings of loneliness amongst some of the crew.

Now, I'll be going away this weekend (Friday until Monday) to visit Destination Star Trek London and basically geek it up for the weekend. If any of you guys are likely to be there, feel free to drop me a message and I'll try and pick up any emails I get, and we might be able to meet up at some point. Otherwise, I'll be leaving the sim in the hands of our XO - I hope that the above plot points can be at the very least started whilst I'm away, and I'd also like to see personal posting and posting of logs picking up as well if you could please. We've just gone past our fifth birthday as a sim, and I'd like our activity to start to rise again now that the summer is over and school life should have settled back down for most.


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