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State of the Sim

Posted on Sat Feb 2nd, 2013 @ 9:14pm by Captain Vorn Krace

OK guys, here's the state of play as we have it;

Doctor Drani, Commander Gunning and Ensign Thryskal have each left us, for varying reasons from our general activity levels through to their own activity levels. I wish them well, and they should know that there'll always be place here if they want to come back. With Commander Gunning's absence, LCdr Archer's our new 2XO.

I have also removed LCdr Drex from the manifest, since I haven't heard from him in quite some months since he started his ELOA, and we need to be able to have the prospect of someone active in that position.

Now, I think that we can all agree that our current mission is essentially dead, and by continuing it now we'll only be flogging a dead horse and likely making it more difficult for ourselves to get active again. So here is what I propose:

We have two options. First of all, a partial reboot. We can skip the end of this mission and start again some months/a year down the line, IC, and start an entirely new story arc. This should give us some fresh new ideas and a fresh start with which we can push off from.

Second option, is a complete reboot. Considering the sim history, if we did this, then I would most likely opt for a class and name change, since it is the easiest way to go with that.

Please can you let me know ASAP which of these options you would prefer, and also the answers to the following questions:

1) Should we stay in the Delta Quadrant, or move back to Alpha/Beta?
2) Do you wish to keep your current character/position? I'm more than willing to allow people to swap around if they think it'll help them get going again. However, the Chief of Security position I'm going to hold in reserve for now, so the available head positions (not currently filled by one of you guys) are:

Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Counsellor

Anyone who I don't hear back by Friday 08/02/13, I'll be chasing up individually, since I want to try and get us back on track ASAP.


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