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Future Missions & Character Writing

Posted on Mon May 6th, 2013 @ 4:36pm by Captain Vorn Krace


I was sitting and watching 'Inside the Writers Room' on the TNG season 3 blu-ray today, and they started talking about something that Michael Piller was quite passionate about that really started in season three, and something that I think could be quite successfully adapted into our own missions here - though it would require significant input from yourselves in the planning process of missions.

Essentially, Mike Piller insisted that every episode be about one of the main characters. It wasn't enough that they go to a planet and see how they live, or that the show be about the guest star of the week; it had to be a Worf story, or a Picard story, or a Crusher story, and this would be established in the opening teaser of every episode - even if it just as far as seeing Geordi abysmally fail to chat to a girl in Ten Forward.

I quite like this idea of story telling, and I think that we have a large scope to be able to implement that kind of idea here.

So, what I propose is this; I'd like you all to think of ideas for missions centric to your character. Something that will tell a story about them, or develop them in some way. You can submit it to me, and I'll work through it with you to turn your concept into a mission plan that doesn't exclude any other characters either, and we can put it in as a planned mission to make use of in the game. Whoever's character each mission is about will be the one who gets to make the first post in that mission as well, and will be involved with me and the XO in helping to direct he mission in the major plot posts.

Since this is a fresh idea of mine, and it's still not fully planned out yet in terms of the outline, I'm going to turn our current mission into a Krace mission; so we'll deal in some way with how the appearance of the Cardassians in the nebula affects him personally, or causes him some kind of dilemma.

As an extra thing on the side of this, I'm also considering ways of creating Q&As; for each of our characters... essentially ways to allow each of us to be able to ask each other questions about our characters, e.g. "how does Sara feel about Krace?" "how would Kell react to this kind of situation?" and have the writer of that character respond.

I'm not quite sure which would be the best way to do this... either as JPs with everyone involved so that we get email notifications of new questions, or as wiki articles that we can all add to (though this would need us to either PM the player each time we add something to it, or rely on everyone to regularly check the wiki items). If you've got any preferences on this bit, please let me know.


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