Conversion to Fiction Sim

Posted on Mon Nov 11th, 2013 @ 9:47am by Captain Vorn Krace

OK everyone; after my last news item, I started dealing directly with those members of the sim that had responded to me and gotten in touch. Now however, is time to make a proper announcement of the direction the Iapetus is going in.

I have just had word via the TFCO this morning that the Iapetus has been approved to be converted to a fiction simulation. This means that we can only have a maximum of three writers, who will be writing for the entire crew of the ship and focusing on the storybuilding side of things far more than is possible when one must try to accomodate a vast crew in different and specific positions. Those three writers will be myself, Alex (LCdr Archer) and Ryan (Ens. McArthur).

We will not be taking over any of your existing characters, do not worry; they are your property and as such will be transferred off the sim IC, with new crew coming to replace them. However this does mean that those who did not respond to the initial news items will be automatically removed from the sim, so that we can make sure we qualify to be a fiction sim.

If you do still want to write with me, then there are other sims that I am on, and I'll send the details of those in a separate email after this news item. It would be great to see you again there, since it has been good writing with you.



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