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XO Gone for Christmas

Posted on Fri Dec 19th, 2008 @ 4:07pm by Commander Peter Brown

Hello, Crew of the U.S.S Iapetus,

this is your Faithful Xo, I will be gone over the Christmas Break traveling around Canada which I live, so I wo'nt be on-line and if the Captian is not Around the Authority Of Acting XO in an OOC Situation is past to the following Active Members

MCPO Eagle

Lieutennent Solor

this there is any problems contact these Active Members.

and I hope you all have a safe Christmas and to Continue to Post while I am away.

the Awards for Crew member of the Month will be Delayed until Jan 5th 2009 with me not being here unless someone Volunteers to the CO to handle it while I am Gone.


Lt.Commander Peter Brown
Executive Officer
U.S.S Iapetus


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Category: Out of Character