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New Skins

Posted on Thu Oct 2nd, 2008 @ 10:58pm by Captain Vorn Krace

I've added a couple of new skins to the site, one of which is now the default skin :)

The default skin was designed for the Stabase Zetari simm of Obsidian Fleet, and posted on Anodyne-Productions for free use and modification by SMS users.

The second skin I've added has been created by myself, and is of a slightly lighter colour scheme. It's my first true piece of work which deviates from the original layout of SMS, and attempts to make use of things like curved corners and a set width.

To use either of these skins, or any other skins available, log in to your control panel, and go to Site Options. Then go to site skin, and check the radio box next to your skin of choice, and click OK. You'll need to navigate to a new page to see the change.

Hope you enjoy!


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Category: Website Update