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Timeline Rules

Posted on Thu Jan 8th, 2009 @ 8:02pm by Captain Vorn Krace

OK everyone, since nobody seems to have voiced any objections to it, I am going to implement the timeline rule that was discussed on the forum, as of now. All posts must contain the Mission Day and Time in the timeline field of their post.

Now, to make sure that our current stance is clear for everyone, here are a few time refences for you;

The "Games and Tests, 2" Joint Post took place at Day 2, 1600 hrs.
Peter's last post, where impulse power has been restored, takes place at Day 2, 1800hrs.
My last post, "Coffee Is Best Served Strong" took place at Day 2, 1705hrs.

Those three should be enough for you to work out your current timeframe on your posts. For the moment, please keep posts before 0400hrs on Day 3. This is the deadline for when the warp core has to be fixed by, and so we need to get that post out of the way first. Feel free to RP anywhere within that 12 Hr period, or if you have a backpost to make, feel free to do so.

Oh, yes and I'm going to be placing everyone on User Post Moderation for the time being (likely for the next month or so), just so that I can make sure that everyone has got the hang of this timeline thing without having to withdraw a dozen posts =)

This new rule will be placed somewhere on the site shortly.


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