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Annual Awards

Posted on Fri Feb 6th, 2009 @ 8:10pm by Captain Vorn Krace


The time has come for our annual awards.

Annual Awards include: CO of the Year, XO of the Year, Character of the Year, Simm of the Year, and Post of the Year. These awards are given out once per year on (or around) the Fleet's Anniversary, February 20th.

Now, as a regular player in Horizon Fleet, you have the opportunity to take part in the decision surrounding at least one of these awards. The CO of the Year may be nominated by any Fleet member (exception: as a CO you cannot nominate yourself), and should include a written explanation (and possibly a sample post) of why the nominee is deserving.

All nominations should be sent to the DPA Director between February 1st and February 10th. A list of candidates (and explanations) for each award shall be compiled by the DPA Director and submitted to the FC and COs for consideration.

Admiral Livian's email address is dpa[at]horizonfleet[dot]net

Any questions, ask =)

Captain Vorn Krace
Commanding Officer


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