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September's Awards!

Posted on Sun Oct 5th, 2008 @ 12:13am by Captain Vorn Krace

Yes, monthly awards are back, hopefully this time for good!

I have three awards to give out today, and they are thus;

Crew's Choice Award:

After a week of voting the Crew Choice Award for the Month of September goes to; Lieutenant Abigail Valera. Congratulations!

The XO's Merit Award goes to LtJG Annalyn LaToon, and came with this comment:

Lieutenant JG Annalyn LaToon deserves this award for the simple fact that is all the OOC work and IC work she is doing for the Medical Department

And finally, the CO's Merit Award:

This award goes to LCdr Peter Brown for his work OOC on helping me run the simm and taking on the awards procedures for me, and also IC for his work to introduce new sub-plots to the simm.

Congratulations to all those awarded, and keep it up!


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Category: Promotions & Awards