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Feb PotM and SotM Winners!

Posted on Sun Mar 22nd, 2009 @ 2:32am by Captain Vorn Krace

All-righty everyone, I want you to pay special attention to who got a Jevonite award for Simm of the Month xD


It is my pleasure to announce the SotM and PotM winners for February 2009.

The Post of the Month winner is....

Captain Kersare, Lieutenant Barrett, & Warrant Officer 1st Class Tupalov of the USS Malinche!

For SotM, the Jevonite Award winners are:

USS Iapetus - "Captain Vorn Krace and his crew have done a nice job this month as far as posting and mission progression are concerned. I'm glad to see also that the Iapetus crew is making a nice incorporation of some non-department heads in their activity, which can be difficult sometimes. Well done Iapetus." -Cmdre Iluvar, TF22 TFCO

USS Arondight - "Despite losing a few players this past month, the crew of the USS Arondight not only managed a solid post count for February, they also found a way to recruit three new players! Keep up the great work, guys!" -Cmdre Ocal, TF42 TFCO

The Platinum Award winner is:

USS Malinche - "Captain Kersare and her crew have rebounded well from the loss of several crew members. Nice job with posting and moving forward!" -Capt Neval, 42-B TGCO

"I know the past few months have not been easy for the captain and crew of the USS Malinche, but I am so pleased to see that they have not only persevered, they appear to have come out stronger, touting a strong post count for February and two new players to boot! Something tells me the next few months on the Malinche are going to be VERY interesting." -Cmdre Ocal, TF42 TFCO

Aaaaand our Latinum award winner (chosen by Cmdre McDonald & Cmdre Dulmar) is:

USS Peacekeeper - "With the addition of two new crewmembers and a boost in posting activity, the Peacekeeper is ready to depart on her next mission. I look forward to seeing what that future entails for such a fine ship and crew." - Cmdre Iluvar, TF22 TFCO

Congrats to everyone!

Vice Admiral Kailani Livian
DPA Director
Horizon Fleet


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