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Now Seeking Associate Justice

Posted on Mon Oct 6th, 2008 @ 8:23am by Captain Vorn Krace

Good evening:

The Office of the Judge Advocate-General for Horizon Fleet is now seeking an exceptional individual to fill the position of Associate Justice of the Courts for Horizon Fleet.

The ideal candidate:
- Is extremely organized
- Is a superb communicator
- Can be fair, just, and unbiased when presiding over cases
- Has a general working knowledge of legal terminology, ethics, and procedures
- Can maintain confidentiality concerning sensitive information and matters
- Has been an active member of Horizon Fleet for at least 4-6 months, with good conduct record and a positive recommendation from their CO (or TFCO if applicant is a CO already)
- Currently holds no other leadership positions above the level of CO (i.e.: is not a TGCO, Fleet Staff member, etc.)

He/She will be responsible for:
- Assisting the Judge Advocate-General and Deputy Judge Advocate-General in all duties as assigned
- Presiding over cases as determined by the Judicial Code of Horizon Fleet and the Judge Advocate-General.
- Advising the Judge Advocate-General in matters pertaining to the JAG office and the Judicial Branch of Horizon Fleet.
- Assisting in the development of the Fleet Advocate program and training procedures
- Performing any additional duties required, including possible occasional support of other Fleet Departments.

This position carries the initial rank of Captain. Interested persons should email the JAG office ( no later than October 15 to request an application, or to inquire further.

Thank you.

VAdm. Aric Goodman
Judge Advocate-General
Horizon Fleet


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