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Sorry to keep you all waiting

Posted on Fri Aug 7th, 2009 @ 1:29am by Captain Vorn Krace

OK everyone, I know it's been fairly drawn out in the latter stages due to the summer holidays and such, and the typical drop in activity that that entails, but we're finally nearing the end of the first mission aboard the Iapetus!

*crowds cheering can be heard*

Now, there are just a few JPs left before we move on to the next mission:
Firstly, we have one JP which just needs one final addition before it gets posted.
After that, we have 3 posts, which I hope will be posted in quick order. They are;

JP - Annalyn & Abigail - finding and marking the Guarded's R&D facilities for fabricating the metreon weapon
Solo Post - Acle - finding and disabling shields, and sending signal to USS Iapetus
JP - Vorn, Raging & Bradley - receiving signal, warping in and kicking ass.

After those are done, we'll progress smoothly onto Mission 2: "Into a Devils Heart", in which we will pick up new crew from Starbase Ronin, and set off in pursuit of Commander Brown. I intend with this next mission to get everyone involved in posting - civilians, cadets, officers and enlisted alike. So make sure you stick around.

I've updated the mission notes with this final bit, and a little extra - make sure to check them out when you next log in.

Captain Vorn Krace
Commanding Officer
USS Iapetus


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