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Research Posts - Day 3

Posted on Sun Sep 6th, 2009 @ 4:31pm by Captain Vorn Krace

Ok guys, a number of you have various jobs that have been given to you, others have jobs you can do, and then there are all plenty of character building posts that you can do. Get those for MD03 and early MD04 done now - I've started a JP with Acle, and as soon as that is done, I'll be posting it and then afterwards our arrival at Ronin. You can obviously post anything as back posts, but I'd prefer if we can try and keep the continuity.

Once I've posted our arrival, it won't be long I don't think before we have sufficient posts done when we can move off in pursuit of Peter, so I expect everyone to be on the ball now, and keeping track of things.

Also, one additional thing; I will be expecting at least one solo character building post from each member of the crew during this mission - you can have it set whenever you like during the mission, but I expect everyone to do at least one. Those who produce the best one will receive an award at the end of the mission.

Captain Krace
CO, USS Iapetus


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