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Mission Update

Posted on Sun Sep 27th, 2009 @ 12:04pm by Captain Vorn Krace

Alright-y folks, here it is :) The next bit of our mission!

You should have all been following the posts, but here is a brief outline of recent events. As of the post 'The Hunt Begins', we are now en-route to the colony of Omega IV, where Peter first received the communication which began him considering leaving the ship (this communique was followed by at least one more, off-the-record, which furthered the plot). For those of you who either can't remember, or weren't around for Peter's initial conversation with Sean Pendragon, here is a link to the post 'Fall of Morals': (I'd like to note at this point, that while this post is #40, we are currently up to post number #173, as far as post ID#s go :))

I'll be starting the various follow-up posts to our departure shortly, so make sure to look out for them. If you'd like any further intel on individuals in this mission, then you can contact Lieutenant Commanders Brown and Walex - Mr. Brown is providing the raw information, as he is the focus and source for this mission, whilst Mr. Walex is expanding upon it. I may, at some point, encourage a few articles in the Database on intelligence available on individuals and locations involved in the mission, but for now if you need anything, feel free to contact them.

I've also started working out the details of our next mission, which will take place (IC) about a month or so after the current one ends. I won't say too much on it, other than 'Paradox' has been delayed in favour of a mission relating to the Horizon Fleet Story Arc, and I am currently working with Rear Admiral Ocal on the details of the mission.

So, in anticipation of what lies ahead; let's take the rest of this mission up, up, and away!

(Oh, yes and as it is nearing the end of the month, I am currently looking for the ship's nomination for Post of the Month for September - if you'd like to suggest a post for me to nominate for the award, let me know)


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