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Mission is Over!

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2011 @ 1:28am by Captain Vorn Krace

Yes! Thank you everyone for helping me ensure that our mission, Shadows Fall, concluded before I had to submit my monthly report :D

It has been a great, if a long, mission, and we've picked up some new faces along the way. I'm certain that it will be a fantastic stepping stone to take us into Task Force 38 and the Delta Quadrant.

I'll be posting a list of awards and kudos for this mission shortly, and I'll also be posting the opening set of posts for our next mission, to set the scene for us. This will be a fantastic opportunity for you all to have a bit of freedom; get to know the new guys, relax in the mess hall after the long journey, or take in the views of the Solaria Nebula. If any of you want a JP with Vorn, professional or personal, just hit me up and we'll be able to get one started.

Captain Krace


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Category: Sim Announcement