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Rewarding People! Yay!

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2011 @ 1:45am by Captain Vorn Krace

Alright folks, I'm gonna completely ignore the listed awards that we have on the site, since they're all either too confusing, too grand, too specific, or a mixture of the lot, so I'm going to be replacing them shortly with a shorter list of awards that I think better suit us, some of which the older ones of you will recognise are awards that we used to have here anyway.

Anywho, onto the awards and stuff:

The Captain's Merit Award this month goes to three crewmembers; the first two, Acle Walex and Jordan Gunning are awarded it because they have both been invaluable to me during the course of this mission in helping to run it, and pushing posts along for me. I can say with confidence that if I had to go on an LOA for a few weeks or even a month and left these two in charge, I could come back and find that they had pushed the story along as if I were here all along.

The third recipient this time round goes to Zim Drex. Though he had a bit of a bout of lower activity in the middle of the mission, that aside he has been one of our active members since joining us at the start of the mission, and I genuinely think that he deserves this for his ideas, his writing, and his dedication.

He also receives the next award; the Character Development Award. Though he hasn't done so in the way the award's description would usually expect, through sub-plots, relationships, or other such extras, he has developed the identity of his character through the way that he writes his contributions to JPs, doing more than fill in the blanks and adding a bit of character to his, well... character.

Next, we have the Newcomer Award. This I am going to be giving to Elena Valdez. Though she joined us two months ago, she has been willing to sit at Union and wait for us to come to her. Not just doing that however, she has produced solo posts and a joint post with another crew member in that time - without even being on the ship yet! That is the sort of attitude I like to see in a new crew member.

Next up, not an award really but just a few simple mentions of kudos and a personal thank-you from myself.

Firstly, I want to thank Elena Valdez, Emily Hamson and Martin Cook for waiting for us so patiently. I know that we haven't exactly been speedy in finishing up this mission, but you have all been amazing in waiting for us, and still being here and active by the time we manage to get to you. Thank you.

Next up I want to thank both Valkris Edwardson and Jordan Gunning for their work on the plot of Shadows Fall. The main premise of the story was created by Jordan, and he was critical in playing a great deal of NPCs throughout the mission, whilst Valkris took her own amount of the reins towards the end, taking on the Nevarn character, and bringing up the majority of the details for the Ra'kholh. Thank you both.

And now finally, this is something that I have been waiting to do for a long time. This person has been with us over a year (nearly a year and a half now), and joined us a few months before the start of our last mission. He has stuck with us no matter what, and has been an excellent addition to the crew since joining us back in orbit of Bevrud. I am delighted to announce the promotion of Mr. Christopher Rogan to the rank of Lieutenant JG! Congratulations Lieutenant!

That's all for this time round, folks. I'll get us started off on our next mission, The Fate of the Swiftsure later tonight!

Captain Vorn Krace


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